[BACK CATALOG] Half Gift 1 – Kelly & Emiko

To start with my back catalog posting on various websites, I have begun with images that involve other peoples’ characters. I call them “half gifts”, since I did not draw them by request or as a gift to other people, but rather because I wanted to and they just so happened to contain another person’s character in it. Hence why they’re only half gifts, not gifts.

At some point in 2011, I decided to draw my friend, Satoshisgirl’s character, Emiko, and my character, Kelly, throwing Pokéballs. I don’t even remember why I drew it. Maybe I just felt like it because we’re such awesome friends and our characters should obviously be hanging out. Or was it per her suggestion? I don’t remember.

The original sketch is from around July 2011, while the finish version is from February 4th, 2013.


I don’t really remember much about drawing this image, other than not liking how it came out, but showing it to Emiline (Satoshisgirl) anyway and having her react like “colour it”. I didn’t really want to because I don’t like the image, but I said I would, so I did. I don’t have enough Kelly & Emiko images anyway.

I like the simple concept of the girls throwing their Pokéballs at the same time. What I don’t like is the execution, with the generic, boring Pokéball throw…which doesn’t even look like a Pokéball throw. It just looks…bad. I hate the perspective. I hate how their bodies are positioned. I hate how they look. Yeah…I don’t like this picture. Maybe one day I’ll draw another one sort of like it, but with a more dynamic pose.


Unfortunately, the coloured version don’t make it look that much better. It looks a bit better – the colour adds a certain aspect to it that makes it a bit easier to look at, as well as all the speedlines, although the underlying image is still really boring. I do like this image a bit better though when I think that my current colouring technique made it look better than what my colouring technique in 2011 would have done.

These two characters are awesome, in my opinion, and honestly deserve a much better picture than I would drew here.


Programs Used:
MangaStudio Debut 4 (Lineart)
Clip Studio Paint EX (Colouring)
Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Background & Effects)