[BACK CATALOG] Dancing Duo

Back in 2011, I wanted to draw two things: 1.) Kelly with her Pokémon and 2.) Kelly actually dancing for once. I don’t draw either one of those things too often, the latter even rarer than the former. I wanted to somewhat change that though (plus use it as an excuse to draw Unova Kelly more), which started with this picture of Kelly and Gardevoir.

I don’t know what dance they’re doing. I don’t think they’re doing anything specific. I imagine that the next move would be rolling their crossed arms inward while standing back up and using it to slash the air as they turn. That’s what I see anyway. I don’t see anything after that though because I don’t know what song they’re dancing to.


I really like this image. I do have some issues with it now that I didn’t have back when I drew it. I particularly don’t like Kelly’s face, which is even more evident in the coloured version. That’s okay though because the overall image is one of my favourites.


Ignoring how green everything is.

Like dang, look at all that green.

Kelly’s green. Gardevoir is green. THE BUSHES AND THE GROUND ARE GREEN.


I don’t normally draw backgrounds on my images (though I’m hoping to start now since I did so many of them for these back catalogs), so I didn’t realize how much Kelly’s colours clashed with the actual backgrounds. I’m still keeping the colours the way they are, it just is something to keep in mind next time I design an outfit for her.

The background here was a continuation of my practicing of Pokémon-like backgrounds. I keep getting slightly better, but of course, I could be much better. I think the improved backgrounds help the image though.

Overall, I really like this image! Not as much as I liked the original sketch, but even the coloured version is likable.

I hope people who have been waiting for the coloured version of this are excited about it!