[BACK CATALOG] Can’t Draw Well Today

I drew two pictures of Kelly one day, one that I intended to have as the bottom of notebook paper and failed at and another one that was just for fun. This one was the “just for fun one” and made it pretty apparent to me that I wasn’t going to draw that day.

Usually when I draw Kelly, I think the pictures come out decent. There’s a few pictures that take my breath away at how beautiful she looks. There’s also a few pictures I can hear her yelling at me for drawing her so ugly. This was one of those times that she yelled at me for drawing her so ugly.


The sketch itself isn’t really that bad. Sparkle looks terrible. Kelly’s facial features are way too low for my liking, but it’s not that bad. It’s not as “Kelly” as I would like her face to be, but it’s okay.

I killed it in the coloured version.


I mean, that is just HORRIBLE. Her chin is TOO pointy, her facial features are too long and droopy. They’re just terrible. Can I cry? I want to cry, it’s so bad. I can already hear Kelly crying internally at how BAD this picture is.

The background is decent, but it’s really generic on my end and something I do when I really have no idea what to do for it.

Geez, I hate this picture. To make things worse, there’s actually people who LIKE this image…