[ARTWORK] Angelic

HEY GUYS, LOOK, ANOTHER REDRAW. I love actually doing redrawings, but in a way, they’re also kind of boring because it’s like I don’t have any new ideas. It’s not that I don’t have new ideas, but rather I’m afraid of messing them up. Anyway, back in 2006/2007, I did an image of Faye who was supposed to be pleading and looking angelic.


That’s sort of more or less what she looks like she’s doing.

This was a pretty easy image and I felt like it was a good one to show how much I’ve improved over the years. I feel like the simple images are sometimes the best ones for that.


The sketch itself shows some improvements in certain areas…


…but I think the coloured version shows more.

The proportions are probably the most glaring difference, which is more evident by Faye’s legs. Her hair also has gotten shorter, but in a way better proportioned to her body (which I feel is a better reflection of what her original design was suppose to be). The face is a lot more even. The anatomy is slightly better. The colouring and line art is most certainly an improvement – the original used the dodge & burn tool, plus some traditional pen line art, while the newer version is entirely digital and uses some custom digital watercolour brushes.

Of course, there’s still some issues – the hands still look really awkward. She should be making more of a fist, but instead it looks like the lower part of her fingers are straight up and only the upper parts behind them are bent (it’s actually a repeated problem in my images; I’ve fixed it at least once before). The dress still looks really awkward, like it’s flat, despite the colouring. I think that wasn’t necessarily a reflection of my current skill level at the time, but rather not paying attention to details, so it looks awkward. I also totally recognize I’ve been using the same technique for feet for years now and it’s probably about time to fix it.

I think my favourite part of the image is Faye’s hair. There’s just something that makes me want to run my fingers through it.

What about you people? What do you like about the image? I guess you can tell me what you don’t like too, but I would rather you not, har har har har.