[ARTWORK] Music, Dreams, Imagination Redraw

Back in October 2007, I drew this image of Kelly. It’s not particularly a stellar picture — Kelly is mostly cut off. However, that was entirely intentional. The words that are overlayed on her hair are more important than the image. I actually loved it so much that year that I printed it out and gave one to my therapist.

Still to this day, it’s one of the images in my gallery that stands out to me. The mixture of the words and using Kelly’s hair like a plain background just settled well with me.

Of course, with how old the image is, I can’t really do anything but link to it and post it up.


Since it is so old, I finally decided to redraw it!


I’m not going to lie, I was squealing inside with delight.


Yet, it keeps with the set up of the original image. I technically didn’t change anything — I just drew it better.

Oh, and I guess added shadows and changed the band on the headphones too. But other than that, nothing changed. Even the font is the same.

I’m so excited to actually have this lovely piece of artwork again, redone to look better and in a bigger size.

I plan on selling a limited run of prints (maybe like…5?). If there’s a demand (probably not), I’ll reprint them.

Hmm…I wonder what else I can redraw