[ARTWORK] Kelly Cheering

Kelly’s not cheering just about anything. She’s cheering because my good friend, Hurricane360, has gotten a new computer! For us, this means, among other things, that he can start making music again! I’M SO EXCITED.

kelly_hurricanecheer copy

Clearly Kelly is toooooo. I mean, how can we not get excited? We get music. NEW MUSIC.

We can also get other things too…but most importantly the music.

Hurricane also can get back to doing Flash animations and working on Mario RPG Abridged, which I recommend if you haven’t seen it yet.

I’m looking forward to seeing him getting things done. I think Kelly does too. In fact, ALL of us should.

(Also, how do like dat cleavage, eeeeh?)

As I side note, I did what I don’t normally do and did everything on the computer, including the sketch. Not really a fan on how it came out entirely. Could be worse though.