[ARTWORK] Carwyn’s Heart


Carwyn pulls the littlest bits of inspiration from my husband. If you’ve seen any of the artwork I’ve ever done for him, you may be able to figure out where I pulled inspiration from. (pssst it’s the hairstyle; carwyn’s is just more wavy) I was also inspired by a character my husband does, but as of writing this, hasn’t shared with the wider public yet.

There are a few other things about Carwyn that I took inspiration from my husband, such as how Carwyn is often oblivious, but at random moments, he won’t be and it’s unpredictable. This inspiration, of course, comes from a place of love!

There’s a lot though that isn’t inspired by my husband. Carwyn’s significantly more flamboyant and far more flirty. Carwyn’s passion is with love, while my husband’s lies in voice acting.

I came up with this illustration, along with three others, when I was still learning more about them (i.e. I was still figuring out who all my characters were). I knew Carwyn was a master of love magic as well as manipulation magic (by accident – again, Carwyn is often oblivious). He saw my other witch character, Seirian, as a rival in magic, although she doesn’t feel the same way. I wanted him to be flirty, flamboyant, and full of himself. It wasn’t until later I fleshed out more about him, which you’ll see in the stories: he helps out his parents in their cakes & ale (ale = naturally carbonated via fermentation drinks on Naitmaric), he has a fan club, he’s eventually Seraphim’s life partner, performing love magic is his part-time job.

I wanted to really capture his love for…love in a picture, so this is what I came up with. Carwyn has created a special love spell and through the power of illusion, he has conjured a heart to carry it to you.

I LOVE this piece. I love Carwyn’s pose. I really dig how I drew the hands. I love how clear his face is and how cute he looks. I love the colours. I don’t think there is a thing about this that I don’t like. This is one of the few pieces I’m actually considering putting back up in my shop when it’s time for Carwyn products to debut because it’s one of the few I think are excellent (not to mention, Carwyn’s design isn’t changing as far as I know, unlike some of the other characters).

The text in the background isn’t really anything significant. I just randomly wrote something up to make the background more interesting. For those of you who are curious what it says, here you go:

I give you my heart, for it is almost as beautiful as yours. 

Yours is almost beautiful. It is missing me. I will make it the most beautiful heart, if only you accept my own. 

Yes, I am generious. You love me for it. 

Let me see your beauty shine. 

Accept my love, for that is the only way. 

I am the most beautiful being here.

The text behind Carwyn

One of the most interesting things to me was watching how during my second year doing Artist Alley at conventions, after I had put up little blurbs about my characters, I noticed that Carwyn’s popularity went WAY up. A lot more people bought merchandise of him. Previously, Cian the depressed vampire had been the most popular male character. I’m so curious if the results will be the same once I start releasing stories? Hmm…

Year Completed: 2016
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Clip Studio Paint


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