ALMOST! Back in Action…

I put off my Japanese learning for a few months. And when I say the “past few”, I mean two months. I got too busy working on other things, namely my novel, art commissions, and that thing people would call a “job”, but I hate calling it that because it wasn’t. Even after I finished the first draft of my novel and quit that “job”, I filled up my time doing my art commissions instead, which over took my time to learn Japanese. Plus, I wasn’t really feeling like doing it.

Prior to these two months off, I had gotten to Lesson 6 in my textbook and attempted to crunch it in a week, just as a test to see if I could still learn and remember it. Turns out I couldn’t. Since I didn’t feel ready to go onto the next chapter, I stayed behind and eventually just shoved my textbook aside.

Of course, remembering my desire to take the JLPT, I decided that I REALLY need to start studying again.

So I picked up my textbook and studying that vocabulary I wasn’t remember and managed to remember it. Started remembering the grammar once again.

Since I feel confident, I’m finally moving onto lesson 7! I’m halfway done with textbook 1! After my sketches are done for the day, I’m going to go over my kanji and grammar once more and move onto lesson 7!