All the Pictures, All Finished!

Back in September 2011, I mentioned this project of mine that I called my “back catalog” of images. I had a TON of images I drew in 2011 (and a bit in 2010) that I always wanted to colour, but for other reasons (primarily because I was working on artwork for other people, not my own). My drawing frequency [for myself] started to decline throughout 2012 and I worked on my back catalog (which I started sometime in 2011). At first it was just around 70 images, but by the end of 2012, I had brought up the total to 83 pictures – in which I dropped 3, then brought one back that I could’ve sworn I coloured, but couldn’t find. 

Art trade with inTAResting on deviantART. From my end.

Art trade with inTAResting on deviantART. From my end.

The line art process, for a majority of images, ended in late June/Early July. I believe that some of the final lined images during that time were art trades I had with people, which didn’t get a queue number because I felt it to be unnecessary – they were for other people, not me, therefore they needed to be put up as soon as possible.

Late 2012 brought around some fan art, particularly for Pokémon, as the series had just aired their traditional crossdressing episode and I just couldn’t help but love Ash’s outfit. Plus, Pokémon introduced my favourite last minute edition of the entire Best Wishes! series – Kotetsu (known in English as Cameron). They spurred a few fan arts from me, including one of Ash’s crossdressing disguise and Kotetsu starting to confess to him…not realizing it was Ash.


Most shading was finished in 2012, although it did leak into 2013, primarily for my most recent style, “painted dreams”, which takes a while to do with the number of layers it contains. Once shading was completed, I plunged through backgrounds and finished them as of yesterday, April 16, 2013.

In celebration of these completed artworks, I will be walking you through all the completed images.

And before then, I’ll be walking you through the scrapped images.