All Caught Up!

After about three weeks total of working on retaking my notes, I have finally finished! I am finally free to start lesson 7 on Monday! I’m rather excited about that! Do you know how awesome that is for me? I can move forward and get closer to my goal! I hope nothing interrupts it, or at least doesn’t interrupt it for a long period of time.

I’m looking forward to starting lesson 7. I barely started it before I got rid of the previous notebook, mainly because I ran out of pages. I should have just enough pages in this one, with a few left over, which I’m going to use to make note of vocabulary during practice pages of all chapters.

I’m planning on doing a large review of lessons 1 to 6 tomorrow. I was going to do it today, but I didn’t have a chance to. Now I’m tired. Okay, maybe I can put in some effort and review for a bit.

I notice that the more I rewrite the grammar notes, the more I remember, which is pretty awesome. I’m wondering if I should start doing that? …probably.

I’m sorry I’m not writing much about this – there’s not really much to write. I was pretty excited when I looked at one of the practice pages and said all the answers correctly. I mean, I’ve done that page before, but I did it without struggle, which was cool.

Today I discovered that I hate not knowing a lot of kanji – not just to read, but to write. I sort of want to start doubling or tripling up my Remembering the Kanji reading and copying down. I might start doing KanjiDamage as well. It’s actually really frustrating not knowing certain kanji, or even more so, knowing the kanji, but not knowing how to write it because I can only remember it by seeing it. If I get through Remembering the Kanji, I should be able to write kanji for the words I actually do know and for ones I don’t.

I originally going to wait to study kanji until after I completed my textbooks, but obviously, that idea is starting to change rather quickly.

Okay, I’m gonna go lay down now. Probably. Bye.