8 pages left?!


My notebook for taking Japanese notes only has 8 pages left!

Hey, look guys! I have pictures for once! And as you can see, it’s not a textbook, but a notebook. If you thought the title referred to my textbook, then HA. HA. HA.

…I wish.

But nope. It’s the notebook I’ve been writing Japanese in. Five Star has these nice, small notebooks that are super convenient for storing, which I decided were the best for carrying around my Japanese notes (…besides from my tablet or my phone, of course. Those would be super helpful.). I’m hoping in the future I won’t need to reference my notebooks, but for now, I will have to.

If you didn’t know, this is my second notebook like this – I realized I was running out of room in the first one (I thought I could fit 22 lessons into it – silly me), so I bought a bunch of new ones and redid my notes for the lessons I had already copied (lessons 1 to 6, plus a tiny bit of lesson 7’s vocabulary). I’m extremely pleased to say that I do believe I will be out of room in the notebook before the end of Lesson 7.


Look at all these notes! A lot of detail, yo!

You might be wondering why I’m pleased about running out of room in the notebook. I won’t lie – I’ll be slightly bothered by them not being in the same notebook. I would love if this notebook was lessons 1 to 7, the next one 8 to 15, etc., but that isn’t likely unless I can super condense the grammar notes, but I doubt it. Especially not with 8 pages left. However, having my Japanese notes pour over into a new notebook tells me that I’m making some sort of progress. It’s that progress that makes me pleased! I am finally moving forward and having to use a new notebook soon is proof of that. Considering my progress had been halted until last week, this is wonderful. I’m looking forward to learning more Japanese and actually using it.

Right now, I’m taking a wild guess that at least half my grammar notes will fit, especially if I just take the essential details and shave everything I don’t feel is necessary. I’ve done that in some of the previous chapters, particularly for things I know so well, they will never leave my mind. Granted, this is all new material, so I probably will have to keep most of it. I won’t be copying down the grammar until the 11th due to me pounding in the new vocabulary words for three days.

Getting to the end of the notebook is making me think about the near future – within the next few months. I should be finished with Genki I in April. Once I finish it, do I just want to jump right into Genki II or do I want to take a step back for a few weeks (or maybe a month), let things sink in, and do a heavy review of everything I’ve learned – vocabulary, grammar, and kanji? Both options sound appealing to me. I think I may end up doing the latter, only because I don’t feel like I have a firm hold on everything. I have a loose hold, there just enough to recall things with accuracy. I would love to make myself recall things much quicker and I would feel reviewing everything would be the best. I would be reviewing by actually using the language, so it should stick.

The kanji I learned today.

The kanji I learned today. It had some good ones. Maybe I can finally remembering that 帰る (かえる; to return) has a kanji!

Giving myself a month would be good too for furthering my kanji learning – if I continued with Remembering the Kanji, it would, in theory, enable me to write more kanji and I could stop writing hiragana for words that have a common-use kanji! Unless I finished RTK volume 1 before then (I’m planning on doing two lessons a day – technically two days, one for reading, one for writing it down – and there’s 56 lessons – so I would think I would finish before April).

The kanji section in my notebook really made me think about the future, since I realized I don’t know most of the kanji I’ve learned well enough to write them in seconds and bring them forth when I’m just casually writing whatever I feel like. Reviewing sounds like the best idea.

I know the little Let’s Learn series that I have started on this site is to help me review my vocabulary and grammar (and teach people too). Unfortunately, I don’t feel like practicing writing kanji is an option in this case. Well, maybe if I try coming up with something, I can. I don’t know.