August 2013

[BACK CATALOG] Dramatic…Uuuh…

It’s been a long time since I started this project idea, back in 2011, and it has finally come to an end with this image. This is the final image from my back catalog [Read More...]

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Okay, no, the orange haired girl isn’t Misty and the blonde haired boy isn’t Edward Elric. The three people in this image are my characters (from left to right) [Read More...]

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I drew a picture of Kotetsu and Satoshi because they’re my favourite pairing in every aspect for Pocket Monsters Best Wishes. This isn’t romantic based, but [Read More...]

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Nen is my shark boy character who is childhood friends with Princess Midnight Star. His mother is a mermaid and his father is a shark. He’s one of my [Read More...]

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[BACK CATALOG] Lightning Magic

I think when I originally drew this image, I had a completely different concept in mind. I don’t know what that concept was, so I opted to do whatever the heck I wanted [Read More...]

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[BACK CATALOG] Awkward Confession

I am a Scatterbrainshipper, meaning I like the pairing Kotetsu/Cameron and Satoshi/Ash. They’re probably my favourite pairing for the entire Best Wishes series and my [Read More...]

14 August, 2013 // 0 Comments

[MY DAY] To Dad’s to Salem

I finally had a Saturday off, so I decided to go up to my dad’s. I hadn’t seen him in a while nor had I gone up to his house since probably sometime last year. [Read More...]

11 August, 2013 // 2 Comments

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