10 May, 2013

[RE-REVIEW] A Gentleman’s Kiss

Title: A Gentleman’s Kiss Volume(s): 1 & 2 Creator(s): Shinri Fuwa Genre: Drama/Romance (Boys’ Love) Rating: Mature ISBN: (Volume 1) 978-1-56970-581-0/(Volume [Read More...]

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[REVIEW] eManga.com

Website: eManga Focus: Manga, primarily published by Digital Manga, Inc. eManga is a website begun by Digital Manga, Inc., who probably is best known for their hold on many [Read More...]

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[THOUGHTS] Break Time. Kind of?

Oh man, I am so tired. Yeah, really tired. It feels like whenever I have a day off from work, I suddenly realize how tired I am. It’s like when I have work, I’m [Read More...]

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[BACK CATALOG] What Morons

I was looking through my file cabinet sometime ago and I came across this picture of Kelly doing one of the things she got from me – covering half her face while [Read More...]

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