2 Week Break Progress Update 1

I’m pretty sure I told you guys last post that I was taking a two week break from talking to Hurricane360. For that reason, I’m hoping to post progress updates so that he can read it. Hopefully you guys, whoever reads my blog (all zero of you), will enjoy them two.

Why am I taking a two week break from him? 1.) to get over my weird fear that if I stop talking to him, he’ll leave me and 2.) to actually get stuff done. I feel that I have an addiction to talking to him and need to cut it off for a little while so I can get myself back where I want to be.

That doesn’t stop me from looking at his name on Skype, wishing to message him, and checking out his Twitter feed or putting his name in the @reply. Just as long as I don’t have an actual conversation with him. So we can post notes to each other, we just can’t reply…I know, sounds overly complicated and stupid.

It’s actually kind of fun.

Anyway, on with the progress update! (Notice that “anyway” is my favourite word to get back to a topic…I need a new one.)

My goals in this two week break are:
1.) Finish Kelly’s Journey episode 20
2.) Finish Kelly’s Journey episode 2 (rewrite)
3.) Finish the commission with the due date coming up
4.) At least start the other two commission shading, if not complete them
5.) Get a significant amount of my blog layout started

That seems a lot, right, within two weeks? I know my eyes are seeing it and are beginning to freak out, saying “oh no, I can’t do that in two weeks!!!”. However, my lovely brain, you can. You can absolutely do these within two weeks. Let me explain, or show you way.

First, there are only three goals to FULLY complete in two weeks: Kelly’s Journey and ONE commission. Yes, ONE commission.

For the Kelly’s Journey episodes, you are already halfway through episode 20. If you keep working hard at it and dedicate a few hours (at least 3) to it a day (which you will because you know how into writing it you get – just think, you keep claiming you’ll write it for an hour, but it ends up being three because you can’t stop). You’ll be able to get through it rather quickly (within this week) and continue on with the episode 2 rewrite.

I know the episode 2 rewrite isn’t close to being done (Pikachu just got to the ER), but you know it will go by significantly faster than a regular episode since you don’t have to use the normal Kelly’s Journey techniques for it. You just need to write and figure out where you want to fluff out things. That will be EASY (hopefully these aren’t famous last words – no, they are not famous last words). I know episode 2’s original version is pretty good in the first place, so hopefully that makes everything even easier.

For commissions, I only require you to finish the one due on April 15th. And just think – it IS almost done! You got the majour part out of the way! Now you just need to shade some smaller details, add some textures, and BAM, you are DONE! Okay, you need to make an avatar from it too, but that’s the last thing. I guarantee you’ll be done within three hours, perhaps less. Especially if your computer doesn’t use all your RAM (I’ll up grade to 32 one day. ONE DAY!)

The rest of the commissions aren’t too much of a concern IN COMPARISON TO THE ONE WITH THE DEADLINE (they are still of concern). If you don’t get to the shading within these two weeks, don’t feel bad. Preferably though, I would like the shading at least started, even if it’s just the hair and the skin. Okay? Okay. If you feel like it’s too much and it takes away from your other goals, then just wait a bit longer. I know that sounds utterly irresponsible, but I think keep me sane is more important!

My website, this blog, seems to be the most vague goal of them all. What do I even mean when I say a “significant amount started”? I’m not quite sure myself. I am following this tutorial currently, which seems to be rather helpful and am on step 6: setting up functions. I don’t think I’ll feel fully satisfied until the CSS is defined on the blog, but I could be wrong. If I don’t get much of this done…well, actually, I’ll still feel sad. I just hope I get to a satisfying amount.

Well, I’m going to go now. I’m going to work on things.

…like becoming a Pokémon Master. (Oh my gosh, Google Maps just released a Pokémon game. I think this is pretty much the BEST THING EVER. I’m so happy to be alive in 2014! HEE HEE HEEE!!!!)