Writing Month – Days 26-29

You know, I think the fact that Chris and Alex are still not out of New York City probably means I’m not finishing the story by tomorrow.

I’m going to stay optimistic though and attempt to.

Nothing much is happening, just the usual shenanigans with Alex and Chris.

I think the main thing of interest in this entire post is that I doodled Alex’s face.

Alex Berne Sketch

Yeah, that’s right. Alex has a face now. He’ll probably have a bit more adjustments to his look, but for the most part, I like it. He’s kind of lacking the whole “prettier than a girl” thing to me, but on the other hand, he is kind of pretty for a guy without looking like a girl. I actually think the way I drew him fits the description I gave him pretty well! =D

Hopefully I’ll do a full body sketch of him soon, as well as Chris. Though, Chris is troubling me because I really don’t have a clue on how his hair is suppose to look. He kind of originally has that “I shaved my head but my hair slightly grew back” look to it, but gradually grows throughout the story. The picture I wanna draw is based off of when they were in NYC, so his hair is still shorter than his ears, but longer than that first look.

There’s one more part in their NYC adventure I need to complete before the two return back to school and have their lovely time together ruined by those evil things called “midterms”. =P

Hopefully I can get there today.

Once I get to the mid terms part, there’s only about three or four parts of the story that needs to get written and it’s DONE.

If I was to work on it every day, I may end up going into my KJ time though.

…which may not be a horrible thing, considering the first couple days of December will be spent editing the KJ episodes. >_>

Yeah…I’ll see what happens. They may throw more scenes in between too that will take me even longer. >_> Who knows…

Yeah. That’s really all that’s been happening…