Whoa, okay, what happened to this blog and what’s going on with your writing?

Well, person who did not really ask that, I shall tell you!

I got a new job earlier in the year and thanks to the pay, I actually bought my own website! My website was formerly a “subsite” of my mothers, but I felt I needed my own to properly promote my works in the future.

I ended up switching the TrainerKellysNetwork.com domain over to my new host (which gave me quite a few problems, but successfully transferred). Of course, I stupidly forgot to download my WordPress Blogs, Tags, and Categories and because of the way my blog was set up, it messed up the blog’s layout and functionality. I can’t even log in – all the entries you see from November 2010 to January 2011 required me to copy, paste, and fix the date.

For now there won’t be any tags or categories, but the moment I feel like working on them (which, trust me, I will), I will move everything to their proper spots.

I also need to make my own layout one day…

So enough of that explaining. You’re here to know the updates on my writing, correct? Probably short stories, Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~, and Kelly’s Journey, right?

Well, within these past few months, I’ve only managed to finish one short story (one that had been sitting in my head for a while), which I’m disappointed about because I really wanted to write a lot more than that one story. I would have loved to have about 50 short stories right now, but whatever. I will eventually.

Love Me Softly hasn’t gotten far. I keep…well, procrastinating. Particularly because I’m bored of writing normal sex scenes. I really want to write something kinky, but I don’t feel like Alex and Chris are at that point, really. Maybe Chris could but Alex in handcuffs, but I can’t really see them do anymore than that. On the other hand, I am only a few sentences away from the climax to the story. I really need to push myself to finish it in May.

And Kelly’s Journey possibly has the most success out of all three right now. Granted, I gave it an achievable goal of getting up to episode 16 this year. Episode 14 of Kelly’s Journey has been written. I’m just in the process of editing it. I got a HUGE amount of help from the-dragon-childe on deviantART, who willingly wrote me a transcript of the episode that really sped up my writing. It usually takes me, I swear, fifteen hours to write a usual episode. This took me, like, what? Five? Six? It was a lot faster than it usually was. I’m pretty sure I’ll hit my goal of episode 16 this year (especially since episodes 15 to 17 are original episodes). Hitting episode 20 depends on my friend though and if she finishes the questionnaire thing…

So yeah! Those are the updates for right now!

=P If someone can, feel free to encourage me.

Or alternately bash me and tell me I fail at life and I’ll never finish anything. That’ll push me to finish it. Harharhar.