[WEBSITE | UPDATES] More Layouts!

Hey, you guys! What’s up? Just some additional website updates.

My goal is November 1st, 2016 to get the revamped website launched. Additional content (like images) may not come until next year and do you know what? That is a-okay.


What was done today?

  • Kehllee layout;
  • Fairolk layout;
  • The Kelly Mulry Stories layout;
  • Changed the background of Naitmaric’s layout;
  • Added my biography blurb to the front page of the website;

When I was working on the Kehllee layout, I was struggling to give it a good background. I didn’t want it flat. That’s when I decided that ALL my websites should be fairly consistent and use a variation of the same background (the stars). Most of them use the black background, but a few of them have a white one (so they look less star-like).


Most of my layouts do not have links yet. Mostly because I don’t really know how I am going about the links yet. Three of the layouts actually are specific PLANETS in my universe, so I need to keep that in mind. The Kelly Mulry Stories layout is even a bit trickier (at least, in passing thought) because it’s the hub for my entire universe, plus some behind the scenes stuff and whatnot.

The Kelly Mulry Stories website and the Creative Works website are similar to each other in that they focus on my works. However, Creative Works is like…specifically just a hub. It ALSO contains links to my fan works. Kelly Mulry Stories does not.



I think the layouts look good, if not a bit cheesy.

Kehllee looks a lot more feminine than I wanted to; granted, I went with Bea from Make Me a Model AND Lexia the Mermaid…pretty feminine.


Fairolk, on the other hand, looks pretty masculine despite the fairies.


Overall, I can confidently say, I am moderately happy with the layouts. I think their consistency helps A LOT. I did notice it’s significantly faster for me to get through each website with such consistent layouts. I’m looking forward to doing the links…but I think I need to think about what links I actually need first.


What do you guys think? Are you guys excited for my revamped website? Or noooope, you don’t really care?