[WEBSITE UPDATE] Images 2/5ths Done!

I’m pretty dang excited! My second majour goal for this year – getting my website up and running – is slowly on its way! Goals need steps and so far, I’m still on the first. However, these steps also need steps to get them done and I’m ready to head to the third step for them all!

Website Goal Breakdown

My ultimate goal is to have my website fully up and functioning. This is defined by having basic, interesting content that people from anywhere and everywhere can go on and view/read that I can later expand on with ease. For instance, my Creative Works website will hopefully be set up to promote works people can currently access. When I have more works, I should be able to add them in without having to completely redo the layout. Unless I want to completely redo the layout. Then that’s a slightly different story.

In order to get my website completed, I need to complete the following steps:
1.) The layout artwork
2.) The layouts themselves
3.) The content pages
4.) Uploading the site

Each one of these steps require additional steps to reach the goal.

1.) The Layout Artwork

Step 1.) [Completed] Sketch all the layout images. This includes art commissions examples, which will be posted on the commission pages for viewing.

Step 2.) [Completed] Line all the layout images in pencil to prepare for Photoshop image fixing to create mostly clean lines.

Step 3.) [Current Step] Digitally ink all images.

Step 4.) [Not Started for Most] Apply base colour to all images.

Step 5.) [Not Started for Most] Apply shading and highlighting to all images.

Step 6.) [Optional/Not Started] Apply coloured line art, effects, textures, and anything else needed (such as backgrounds)

Once these steps are completed I can do the layouts.

2.) The Layouts Themselves

Step 1.) [Not Started for Most] Create layout graphics in Photoshop; slice them if necessary. (This includes things such as banners.)

Step 2.) [Not Started for Most] Create a layout in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and save it as a template

While these steps seem simple, getting the layouts to look and do what I want them to do take me a while.

3.) The Content Pages

Step 1.) [Mostly Done] Write up the content, preferably in a document

Step 2.) [Not Started] Paste in the content, if applicable, to their respective content pages; fix or add formatting where necessary.

Step 3.) [Not Started] Add links, IDs, etc. to the pages where they are needed in the content pages.

4.) Uploading the Site

Step 1.) [Somewhat Started] Upload the site to the Internet for my testers to make sure everything is working.

Step 2.) [Not Started] Upload the site to the Internet for everybody to access!

Current Status

As you might have noticed above, my current status is that I have finished the pencil lining of my images. Which goes from:

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 04.58.15 AM


Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 04.58.47 AM

When I do my Photoshop adjustments. (FYI, the above image isn’t part of my website images; it’s a picture I did to experiment with my coloured pencils.)

The conversion status from the colouring to the mostly clear pencil lines is completed. This means that next is the lineart process, where I digitally ink each picture.

I kind of feel like the image process is the most time consuming part of this process. We’ll see though when I get to the rest of the website stuff!

I’m excited! Are you?