[TRIBUTE] Hurricane360

A few years ago, my friend, Josh, introduced me to Hurricane360. I’m probably a bad friend for not remembering how or why, but we became friends. Actually, we’ve become really good friends! He’s a really talented, friendly guy and is pretty sweet and has a wonderful sense of humour. I would like to dedicate this post to him! His birthday was a few days ago, but I was too tired to actually finish this post…oops.

Most Noted Work: SonicGX

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 08.08.16 AM

Hurricane360 is the creator of the now-cancelled SonicGX, a Flash animation series re-imagining the Sonic X series. There’s a lot of people who seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the series, all Sonic fans. As I’m not a Sonic fan (I don’t hate Sonic either – I just never played any of the Sonic games or watched any of the TV series), I never really watched an episode. For the bits I have seen, the sprite animations are well done, as well as the non-sprite animations. His more recent episodes had much more fluid, anime-like animation. He doesn’t do the drawings himself, but rather has his friends draw them. It’s still amazing though how he’s able to take a drawing as a base and animate it so well!

I also need to praise the writing! I had the honour of editing some of the scripts and I was pleasantly surprised at how well written the dialogue was and how interesting it made the story seem.

If you’re a Sonic fan, I actually recommend checking it out. On the other hand, don’t, since he’s not continuing it. It’s up to you.

Upcoming Notable Work: Mario RPG Abridged

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 08.05.34 AM

He began an Abridged series for the Mario game, Mario RPG, a while back, but nobody really paid attention to it. The scripting was pretty good, as were the sound effect placements, but the series was missing one thing – voices. He began putting in voices as of episode 7.

The dubbed episode shows off not just Hurricane’s humour writing ability, but his vocal ability as well! He plays all but three characters, including an annoyingly ditzy Princess Peach (who is easily my favourite voice of the series). He has a surprisingly great vocal range, even pulling off female characters well without making them sound like a flamboyant gay stereotype.

Works That Should Be Notable: Hurricane’s Remixes & Music

One of the things Hurricane does that very few people seem to recognize and like is make music! He primarily makes remixes of other songs, although he has on a rare occasion come up with an original tune. He’s made intense battle remixes to Sonic tunes to emotionally lifting remixes to Mario songs. He’s also made a number of fantastic Pokémon-related remixes for my friends and I.

His music is fantastic and he keeps on growing with each song he produces, making stronger, tighter sounds. I wish more people would take a listen and give him words of encouragement to continue on!

Special Note: Kelly’s Journey Music


Hurricane360 is kind enough to not only make my friends music tracks, but myself as well. A majority (if not all) his music track remixes for me are related to my Pokémon fanfiction/rewrite, Kelly’s Journey. Each track has its own unique personality and does well to reflect what he thinks goes on in the series. He’s done more than what’s available on Soundcloud as well.

My favourite track of his so far is “Kelly V.S. Koga”, but I highly enjoy the other tracks as well. I’ve even made some really bad lyrics to them, the most hilarious one being to “Techno”. But let’s ignore that because this post is entirely about Hurricane360!


Please check out Hurricane360 and send him some words of love for everything that he does and encourage him to continue on! He’s a great person and a wonderful friend!