[THOUGHTS] 56 Images to Line and a Whole Lot More to Colour

Since I finished all the website image sketches, I was curious as to how many pictures I actually had. I thought I had around 80, which I do…when I include the images I did for fun, not just the website-related images. Without the extra 24, I have 56 images to line. That’s a lot less than I thought and I was glad!

Since I have 9 straight days to work on lining the sketches until my next ban/break, I decided to do some math: how many would I have to do a day to get all 56 images done?

I would have to line about 7 images a day in order for me to get all of them done and ready for colouring. That’s a lot less than I thought it would be.

Now my only question for myself is can I do it? I actually totally believe I can.

My mind has been pushing me hard, probably between the cute little message I left myself back when I made my checklist (“Don’t give up! It’ll go by faster than you realize! YOU ARE FANTASTIC!! ♥☆”) for my website images and that I constantly told myself that when I got a job, I wasn’t going to give up on whatever I was doing, I was going to make time for it. And oh, make time for it I have and I’m happy about that!

According to my brain though, I need to do at least 10 images before work and 5 after in order for myself to be satisfied. I know that’s pretty insane. Yes, even I think that’s insane. Whether or not I’ll do it is entirely up to the rest of me.

I don’t want to slip behind. I do not want my job to get in the way. At the same time, I don’t want my work to get in the way of my job. I’m hoping at some point I can strike a balance that won’t let me lag behind on anything.

So far, I haven’t been lagging behind on either, which is good.

Well, kind of haven’t.

I basically want to do my work before my job and do more of my work after my job. I have been able to do that, but I got between 1 to 5 images done…and something inside me just wasn’t happy. Only one image done? Only three images done?! Oh, come on me, I can do so much better.

I believe that a part of me totally can do better than that and I need to force that part out to get things done. At the same time though, I believe that there’s another part of me who just wants to lazy about, just barely scrapping one or two images together. I don’t like that part of me, but it’s there.

I like seeing the math of how long it would take me to get everything done if I was/am able to push myself.

For 56 images in 9 days, I would have to do about 7 images a day, as I said earlier.

If I listened to my brain’s desire for 10 images before work and 5 after (for a total of 15 images), they would be lined in about 4 days. Four days. Obviously, this would be the ideal for me because I could then start on the colouring portion earlier than expected and probably have my website up by the end of the month.

Of course, that probably won’t be possible. A good number of the images require some majour revamping, which will take some time to do.

I’ll be honest – I’m currently expecting an August date for the launch of my website, assuming that the artwork process is smooth, the graphics process goes quickly, and all the website work is done without too many issues. I was really hoping July, but it doesn’t look like that way.

I’ll keep everybody updated on the progress. Let’s see how this unfolds…