[ARTWORK] The Fillers: Sofilpaketch Edition

So, I’m working on a comic called “Cleanser 2” that I was paid to do. I’m sort of quickly getting to the end. However, it’s 36 pages long and it’s taking up most of my deviantART. I have been doing sketches at the side, however, I don’t get around to colouring them. I know some of my watchers are awaiting for my usual material (or, at least, non-Cleanser 2 materials). I have decided to do LOTS of sofilpaketch images as “fillers” for my usual material. They’re quick, easy, and look GREAT. I’ll start posting them the day after a “Cleanser 2” page is posted on my deviantART. I’ll post them here first! So take a look!
For these sofilpaketch images, I have decided a sort of pattern: I will draw 5 images a day, 2 of my fan characters (or involving my fan characters) and 3 involving my original story characters. I’m feeling very adamant about making my original story characters have a larger presence in my gallery. I’m also trying to limit how often I draw Kelly because she has been in my gallery too often.

My first set of 5 contained 2 images of Kelly, 1 of Erik, 1 of Princess Midnight Star, and 1 of Crystal, Michika, and Rod. They’re a pretty great group of images. I think the worst one is probably the one of Isshu!Kelly, but even that’s pretty good.

Crystal, Michika, and Rod
Crystal, Michika, and Rod

The first one I focused on sketching and the one I coloured last (I pretty much went backwards) was the one with Crystal, Michika, and Rod. I have drawn Crystal and Michika two or three times before, but it was my first time drawing Rod. I was scared of the picture coming out horrible, but much to my surprise, it was coming out REALLY well. I was afraid I was going to kill it when I drew in the facial features, but I didn’t. Michika did give me some trouble, but still came out well. The picture actually makes me laugh quite a bit. Crystal is pretty much in her own world, looking forward and looking as if she’s thinking about something, while Michika is teasing Rod. When I coloured this, I didn’t realize that Crystal looked so much like a hippie, haha. She’s really pretty though. I actually REALLY like all their designs. And before you start guessing what “Rod” is short for, his name is just “Rod”.

Kelly Saluting

Then we have a very cute picture of Kanto!Kelly WITH PROBABLY MY BEST LOOKING PIKACHU EVER. I had made a reference for her particular pose in Pose Studio and felt like it would be fine to do it for the sofilpaketch pictures. However, I find myself actually really loving it, so I might just give it a proper colouring at some point. She’s more or less doing something I do all the time. I think she looks absolutely adorable in this picture. And really boyish, which is fine. She is only 10/11 in the picture. I’m waiting for someone to catch onto her choker being a different colour here in some of her other Kanto pictures when compared to Kelly in other regions…

Erik Blushing

I REALLY wanted to draw Clyde, but since I’ve drawn enough images of him with drink tea, I wanted to draw him doing something else. I was failing to come up with anything for him (well, I could come up with some things, but it required me to finalize some designs and I can’t be bothered to right now). I went onto my Written Works wiki, clicked “Random Page”, and did so until an original story character popped up. Which was Erik. My demon crossdressing pretty boy character. I happily agreed with myself to draw him instead of Clyde, but I was still at a partial lost for what to do for Erik. I like what I came up with – I call Erik “tsundere”, despite he’s not really. He’s a bit hot headed and goes into denial about a lot of things. I’m guessing in this picture, Faye was teasing him, he snapped at her, only to apologize a bit later. That dress he’s holding is his too. Drawing this picture reminded me that I LOVE Erik’s design. I love how he looks, I love how it feels when I draw him. He’s one of my few male characters where I preferred his hair shorter than longer. That doesn’t usually happen. Okay, going back to this picture, I love everything about this, even though the perspective is a bit wacky. I particularly like Erik’s face, despite his eyes aren’t aligned properly. His expression just says everything!

Kelly Thinking with Sparkle (her Pikachu) and her Gardevoir
Kelly Thinking

For my second Kelly picture, I drew her in her Isshu outfit. I don’t really know why I went with Isshu, but I did. I think this is one of the most in character pictures of Kelly I’ve drawn to date. I haven’t really drawn her in character before – she’s always been pretty neutral in my images, even though her personality is really an independent, almost always annoyed, spoiled brat. You wouldn’t guess that from how I usually draw her. Actually, you probably wouldn’t really guess that in this picture either, but her personality feels less “neutral” in this picture. She looks like she’s thinking and she’s not smiling. Those pose too is a bit different from what I usually draw, but suits her extremely well. I drew Gardévoir and Sparkle there to more or less remind people that she’s a Pokémon fan character. I don’t draw Kelly with her Pokémon enough. I feel that Kelly’s right eye needs to be lifted just a bit…

Princess Midnight Star

For the last picture of this original set, I drew Princess Midnight Star. I hadn’t drawn her in a while, I was talking to a friend of mine who likes mermaids at the time, and I thought it would be interesting to have her in colour. I wanted to do something a bit different than I usually do, so I went for something calm and cute. Something I could see her do. Which in this case would be laying on a rock on her stomach. I rather like how this picture came out, even though I feel like I drew her eyes too far away from each other (but I feel like it suits her to an extent, so I might try and keep that). I particularly LOVE how I drew her hair, which feels rather flowy and suits her being underwater. The colour of her top and beads actually surprised me. They were what popped into my head and I went with it. They look really good to me.

This set of images surprised me, mainly because so many of the images took up the entire page. When I do my last set of sofilpaketch pictures, I was about to fit 2 to 5 characters on each sheet of paper. I drew these large for the most part.

These next ten (not all up yet) images were all done on different days, but I did them in a different order than I did them in.

Mistico Quickly Sewing

So, first up, we have possibly the best image I have ever done to Mistico. I know that there’s going to be some people who are going to look at her hand and ask me where it is. It’s going fast, people. As I stated earlier, I wanted to draw other girls from Kelly’s Journey because I give Kelly too much attention and feel like the others need to be brought forth. I actually drew Daisy first, but coloured Mistico before her. I just REALLY like this picture. It’s cute and pretty. I rather like the determined look on Mistico’s face. This picture actually makes me want to draw her more. I should draw her sewing stuff for her Pokémon party. That would work pretty well. And yes, she has a Pokémon party. I already had plans to draw Misitco anyway (since the day before I drew Daisy), but getting one of the pictures coloured was inspired by the fact I was talking to a friend whose OC is paired up with her. It made me feel like I needed to get her coloured before Daisy to show him. Of course, he’s not online at the time of writing this.

Dumb Couple

The next one I have to show you is Vainstrel and Spark. Their shipping name is Shockbiteshipping and can alternately be called VainSpark. I call them VainSpark most of the time. I call this picture “Dumb Couple”, primarily because I view them as a pretty dumb couple. Initially they don’t even realize that they’re in love with each other, despite how much like a couple they act like. They’re very happy together. Spark is usually charmed by Vainstrel’s overdramatic theatrical talk that actually annoys most people. It’s my second time showing Spark in colour and my first showing Vainstrel in colour. It’s a shame you can’t see Vainstrel’s face in this though, since his right side is facing us, not his left (which has no hair). I guarantee though that his expression is similar to Spark’s. A witch and a vampire together…such a weird combination. I kind of feel that some people would critize such a pairing, but meh. I love them together! <3 Vainstrel’s colours are subject to change, but not too much change.

Happy Casey

I decided to draw Casey, mainly as an excuse to put her in colour. This is probably my least favourite picture that I drew because the perspective is screwy and she looks too “full” in terms of body (which wouldn’t be a bad thing, except that’s not what her body type is). Putting her character in colour is making me wonder if I copied my friend’s character on purpose or by accident or if I just liked that watermelon colour combination. I actually still rather like her design. I have some really weird feeling that Casey doesn’t only get made fun of for being an otaku, but for dressing in bright, watermelon-like colours as well. Yes, she’s an otaku. Casey was originally designed around the time when all my characters were anime otaku like myself (I’m not longer an otaku though). I decided to keep it as part of her character since it added an aspect of her character for people in the story to make fun of.

Princess Angelica & her Magic Fan

THEN we have probably one of my favourite pictures – Princess Angelica with her Magic fan. I was having trouble deciding who my last two characters were going to be, so I asked my friend about one of them and used my Written Works wiki to get another. Princess Angelica was the one from my written works wiki. I haven’t drawn her since 2009 I believe, so I was fine with drawing her. I wasn’t sure what to draw her doing at first until the pose that I drew popped into my head. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, but I doodled it and found I could. I drew her with her fan that I haven’t drawn before (I think…). I was too lazy to look up a reference for the fan, which I thought I would need, but surprisingly, the fan came out well anyway. She is probably using or getting ready to use some magic in this picture. She has a steady hold on wind/air magic and uses her fan like a magic wand for performing her magic. I think this is the first time I’ve done Princess Angelica in any sort of digital colouring. I had to search my brain for her clothes colours, which I couldn’t entirely remember. I think I got them right though. I think in how my current style looks, Princess Angelica looks more princess-like than every. I love it!

Obsessive Daisy

Finally colouring one of the Daisy pictures, I did the one of her fangirling over something. She seems rather excited, doesn’t she? For some odd reason, this picture creeps me out and reminds me of Godzilla, primarily because I was watching the Nostalgia Critic’s review of Godzilla when I was drawing it. Anyway, knowing Daisy, she’s probably fangirling over something related to Onlyinadreamshipping. She might have an idea or saw something that made her go obsessive. I like the pose she’s in primarily because it’s something a bit different from what I usually do.

I don’t like the background that much. Soft Oil Pastels do not make for good dreamy backgrounds. I probably should have airbrushed it like I usually do, but meh. The bubble things are airbrushed though.

I also screwed up on drawing Daisy’s shoes, so they’re short a yellow. Oops. Oh well.


Next up on this ever expanding journal entry will be my lovely doll sapien, Clyde. One day, I really need to give him a picture with proper colouring. I only have him coloured on two images – this one and a watercolour one. They both don’t show off his colours well. One of these days, I’ll do him cell shaded. And on another day, him drinking tea in an oil painting. I feel like he’d look really good in an oil painting.

I was dying to do another image with him, so that’s exactly what I did. I wanted to draw him on the day I did Erik, but I couldn’t really think up anything. I actually couldn’t think up anything here either. I wanted him to be scowling more, but alas, I failed. Instead, he kind of looks like he’s thinking because he’s not too happy about something.

I actually need to fix his proportions next time I draw him because I feel like they’re not correct in terms of how I originally drew him. There’s originally less space between the ruffles on his shirt and his belt. Meh. He still looks pretty and awesome. I need to practice drawing his facial expressions one day.

“Da fuck is dat?”

To continue with drawing other KJ girls than Kelly, I drew Melissa. Melissa actually gets a bit more attention from me than the other Pokémon OCs of mine, so it was slightly debatable of whether or not to draw her. She has far less pictures than Kelly, so I went with drawing her anyway (plus, Melissa has a few fans). I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with D&P or Post-D&P Melissa. My friend said D&P, so I went with it.

I call this piece “Da Fuck?”, but on deviantART, I’ll call it “Da Hell?”. I’m sad I wasn’t able to give her more attitude. I actually made a reference for the pose on Pose Studio, which more leaned back than I was able to make Melissa. I was sort of having trouble making sense of how the skeleton thing would look with Melissa’s breasts being pretty big (the model in the program are pretty small in comparison).

Despite not being able to get the whole leaning back thing correct, I still feel like she has some attitude in her expression. I was having a bit trouble getting that right as well, but in the end, I really like how it came out! I feel like she’s a bit angry at something or somebody. Maybe Paul is doing something that he didn’t tell her about. Or maybe Gallade is trying to kill Paul again. Or some girl is trying to hit on Paul and Melissa’s not liking that. One of those, probably. The middle one is the most plausible though.

Faye in the air

AND NOW WE HAVE A PRETTY PICTURE…that I think would actually look better fully CGed, actually. I’m considering it right now. I most likely will add it to my list, it’s so pretty. I was contemplating who to draw for tonight (Nov. 5th/Nov. 6th) and Faye Jikman was one of my choices. She ended up being the last one I drew. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted her to be doing, so I just kind of winged it (no pun intended). I wanted her to be doing something interesting. The hardest part of the entire image was her hand. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for her right hand, so you got what you see.

This picture also reminded me how unintentionally sexy her outfit is. When I drew her at the time, it wasn’t meant to be sexy, but really, as my style developed, it increasingly looks sexier. I’m not changing it though. I kind of feel like there could be a running joke that comes out of it.

I LOOVE everything about this picture, but her hands. I love too that she looks like she has a bit of meat on her bones ( which I’ll probably attempt to keep~). She’s so cute here. <3

(To be continued later…)