Sewing Revival – 18th Century Chemise – Part 1

I love sewing. Most specifically the actual sewing portion of it – sitting at my sewing desk, dragging the fabric as the needle is chomping down, inserting thread in between to hold my fabric in place. It’s so much fun! I kind of like the pinning part too. Ironing is alright.

I hate cutting out and/or making patterns though. Regardless if I bought the pattern from the store or I made it myself, patterns are the most annoying thing for me to do while sewing. Cutting out the actual pieces of fabric to be sewn comes into a close second. Ironing down hems comes in third.

I was thinking about trying what I do with my artwork and breaking down the sewing into various steps. For instance, cut out all my pattern pieces I’m planning on using on one day, then another day cut out the fabric and pinning it together, etc.

I decided to start doing that with an 18th Century Chemise, using a pattern I believe Simplicity no longer makes.

I first used a highlighter to outline all the pieces I was going to be cutting – it’s a tip I got from, I believe, my grandaunt, that I still use since it helps when cutting. Then I proceeded to cut out the pieces…which was less frustrating than I thought it would be. I cut out the largest size because I’m fat and I’m actually going to have to expand the size even more. Whoopie~!

After I cut out the pieces, I folded them up, with the intention of ironing them later.

IMG_0932When I sat down at my desk to look for the directions, just so I could read them and figure out how to sew the chemise soon, I realized there was actually another sheet of patterns that I needed to cut out…

IMG_0933Luckily, there weren’t too many pieces. Once that was done, I ironed all the pieces. Primarily so I could go play Halo, not because I just wanted to get it out of the way.

IMG_0935I’m actually pretty excited. I’ll have an 18th century chemise soon enough! I also began to wash the fabrics I was planning on using to make chemise. I’ll let you know the progress on everything once I start.