RISING FROM THE ASHES. But not really.

Oh man, I miss blogging. I didn’t really do it that much, but when I couldn’t, I wanted to so badly. I thought maybe I could write in a word document or something, but I know it wouldn’t feel the same as posting my thoughts openly on the internet for other people to read.

So why couldn’t I blog?

Well, it’s not really that I couldn’t per se. I had all my other blogs, plus my Tumblr. It was more of a mental blockage because I knew before I started blogging again, I wanted to take all the blogs on this website and condense them into one blog. With that firmly set in my mind, I refused to blog properly. I DID start to blog on Facebook, but it’s not really where I wanted to be for blogging. I wanted to be able to come on here, write a 2000+ word post, and ramble about how well my room’s coming, but also how much still needs to get done with a bunch of pretty pictures of my hard work.

So in short, I stopped blogging properly because I wanted to move all my posts to one blog.

And that one blog would be this one.

There’s actually still A LOT of work to do on this one. I need to put in all the categories and subcategories, add tags, and most importantly, make a layout! Yeah, sure, I could use a pre-made layout, but where’s the fun in that? I’m aiming for a basic digital magazine/newspaper layout.

Hopefully I’ll start to blog more now that everything’s on one blog. I hope so.