[REVIEW] Monster High: Haunted – Getting Ghostly: Twyla

twyla_mainCharacter: Twyla
Toy Brand: Monster High
Toy Line: Haunted/Getting Ghostly
Toymaker: Mattel
UPC: 8-87961-03761-6
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Ever since watching Monster High: 13 Wishes, Twyla has been one of my favourite ghouls of the franchise. She’s totally cool being herself, hiding in shadows (literally hiding in the shadows; she IS the daughter of the boogieman, after all) and saving normies from nightmares. She’s also a really great friend of Howleen Wolf and all the other ghouls who interact with her. I love her design of the aquamarine and purple, with her front-cut bangs and long wavy hair — she’s cute and pretty at the same time! I also really like her voice — it’s not particularly cutesy or girly. It’s actually rather scratchy and low, but it suits her so well!

Even in the new movie, Haunted, where she and some of the other ghouls take a ghostly form to follow their friend, Spectra, into the world of ghost, she still looks just as beautiful! Her appearance still has her signature colour combination for her hair, but her hair style is long and more wavy than before. Can you spot her in the following video?

Now, this review isn’t about her design, it’s about her doll. I bought it for my birthday, partially to team her up with my two other Haunted dolls (Kiyomi and Vandala) who just seemed so lonely. I also didn’t have a Twyla doll yet, despite that she’s one of my favourite ghouls, so I picked her up.


I’ll admit that her box art IS significantly cuter than the doll. The teal line across her face looks so beautiful in the artwork, but kind of looks like a creepy mask on the doll. Twyla’s eyes also look kind in her artwork, while her doll eyes just stare at it almost vacantly. However, despite these creepy features, I still really like the doll!

Similar to my Kiyomi review, something feels weird about her face. It’s not just what I mentioned before — it almost feels like there’s something off with the painting of her eyes. Whatever that is though, I can’t quite tell. There also appears to be a bit of glue across her forehead that you can only see in moving her in the light, but I suspect I can take that off with a simple wipe-off with a paper towel. Overall though, Twyla’s face looks beautiful despite how not-Twylaish it looks. She actually looks really mature. Maybe it’s the lips?


A feature I really enjoy on the doll is most certainly her hair. The stylists at Mattel did a GREAT job with it. It curves and waves in all the right areas, making for one stunning hair style. It looks similar to her box art, but a bit different in a good way. My doll’s hair is a bit messy from opening her, but I’m certain just brushing her with one of the many Skullette-shaped brushes I own will fix it rather quickly.


Her hands and feet have some rather cool details to it, which, if I’m not mistaken, are also similar or the same as her debut doll. Her hands go from gray-to-purple, wearing almost like glove, while her legs have some really awesome shadow-swirl tattoos. It’s really befitting to the daughter of the boogieman!


Hanging off her left wrist is a clear-blue bracelet (which matches the colour of her stand) with a matching hourglass charm, presumably connected to the ghost sand that the characters take in the movie. It’s a cute little charm.


Her other accessories include a really cute bow headband that has a spider right in the middle of it (although, it’s hard to see if you don’t look closely) and some adorable spider-inspired shoes. Actually, her entire OUTFIT is spider-inspired! twyla_access

Her dress is a lighter shade of her aquamarine hair colour, overlayed with light-purple spider webs that remind me of chandeliers. The colours of her dress match her character perfectly! I really like the cut on her build, personally. The sleeveless dress looks good on her. twyla_dress

I’m totally digging her super cute bow made out of chains. It makes for a great additional accessory!

One of the things I noticed about the Twyla doll is that she is smaller than the other ghouls I have for right now. Her feet don’t touch the ground of the stand, unlike the other ghouls that more or less do. I think she’s the only one that actually “floats” in the collection. I also noticed that unlike the other dolls, her legs don’t feel as nice (refer to the Kiyomi review). I’m not sure if it has to do with her smaller build or with how they painted her leg tattoos, but it just doesn’t feel the same though.


Overall, I am VERY happy with my purchase! I finally have Twyla in my collection AND she looks beautiful! She’s just as tempting to play with as Kiyomi is and I’m looking forward to playing with all my Monster High dolls when I feel like it. I definitely would recommend purchasing her if you like her design OR you’re a Monster High doll fan/collector. She’s worth every cent!


With that, I shall leave you with some rather silly pictures I took of her interacting with the other characters. Enjoy!