Happy News Years Eve and Happy New Years to everybody who is coming across this blog! Unless you’re coming across this blog sometime later, like, let’s say mid-2014 or in 2015 because I linked it to you to show you what I’m talking about when I say a “year round up”. Regardless when you’re reading this, hello~!

Currently, on this cold New Years Eve, I am sitting in my dad’s mostly dark living room. It’s pretty cool staring at his one red wall – I’m so happy he painted it! The wall is right across from the couch. I decided to come up here for New Years Eve, not to visit my dad (though, I did see him for about two minutes), but to briefly visit my friends, Hurricane and Daniel. (Admittingly, I DID come up primarily to see Hurricane – we were suppose to go on a date that wasn’t a date, but Daniel tagged along, so it turned into a friend hang out) We hung out for a few hours before I returned back to my dad’s house, before all the drunk drivers get onto the road. Now I’m typing up this blog entry, which is something I plan on working on for tonight.

Part 1: Goals

My goals for 2013 were:
1.) Finish my back catalog of images

2.) Finish my website

3.) Finish Genki II

In short, they are goals that were carried over from 2012. I mentioned them in my post at the beginning of the year in both my 2013 start post and my 2012 review post. I actually highly suggest reading them before you read this one! Or you can read them later, I suppose. I guess it doesn’t really matter since those are about the past, huh?

For the very few of you who read my blog (who probably only read it because I linked you), you are most likely aware of the goals I have completed. For the rest of you, I am partially happy to say I managed to get ONE goal completely finished!

“ONE GOAL? ONE GOAL? KELLY, THAT’S SO BAD!” Oh, shush you. It’s not that bad. Go check out 2012’s review post. I managed to finish no goals that year. Finishing ONE goal this year is better than finishing none!

The only goal I managed to complete this year was my back catalog of images, which can be found in the back catalog tag. This was kind of huge for me since I’ve been working on that back catalog since 2011 (!!) and it’s cool to see it done. Of course, by the end of it, I felt like most of it wasn’t even worth it and I ended up posting the images too quickly. My original plans for the back catalog was to post them slow enough to allow me to finish my website (which includes more artwork) and launch it. Alas, that didn’t happen.

Finishing the back catalog DID do some good for me, particularly for colouring backgrounds. Particularly, forest backgrounds in the Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!/Pokémon Black & White style. I would say it keeping my deviantART active would have also been a good thing if I didn’t post them so frequently. Also, if I actually got all my website artwork finished, it would have made it better too.

I’m pretty happy too that my second goal, my website, has been started. I’m still on the first step of doing the artwork for the website. I’m sure most people who know I’m still on that phase are about to pull their hair out. I’ve been working on the artwork since June/July and have been somewhat taking my time on it. I’ll admit I’ve been procrastinating on it a whole lot on it. I’m down to the commission examples (in fact, I’m to the commission examples WITH BACKGROUNDS, which are things I hate doing) and almost completely sick of artwork at this point.

My final goal, finishing Genki II, hasn’t even been worked on for over a year. I kind of want to push myself to work on it, but no. I’m going to wait until I’m ready – I want my dang website up first.

Part 2: Life

If I remember correctly, when the year started, my ideal schedule was to redo my room, start working on my goals on January 17th, have my back catalog finished by February, have my website up by March, and get back to Japanese.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, what happened was I spent January, February, and I believe part of March reorganizing my room. It was an unbelievably long project for me, but I had so many items that needed to be organized! I got back to my back catalog during January or February as a break from all the dang reorganizing and cleaning I had been doing.


I went to NYC at least twice during the first four months with my mother. I guess I didn’t think anything note worthy happened, since I never blogged about it. I went with her to help her find her way. I know NYC better than she does. Of course, she ended up using her phone GPS at some point.


I think I might have hung out with Courtney within the first four months too. I know I DEFINITELY did at least once, since she slept over on my birthday and we had my younger sister’s super amazing Pokéball cakes (which almost made me wish I had more friends, if not more people over to enjoy their amazingness).

Sometime in 2012, I knew I was getting a job in April. I remember telling my mother numerous times during our conversations that I would definitely be getting a job in April 2013. I knew a lot of people were worried about the fact I wasn’t working and it was extremely annoying hearing them tell me I had to, like I didn’t know that I had to. I knew I was going to. I was going to in April. And, go figure, I got hired by Walmart in April! I got a call back from them the same week I was finishing up my back catalog of images. That’s some pretty amazing timing if you ask me.

Walmart started out okay. About two weeks in I decided I wanted to be a customer service manager (something I still want to do) because I didn’t like how the current CSMs were running the place felt/feel that I would/will be fantastic at it. I did come home crying at one point that I wanted to kill myself because I was having a hard time getting used to working. Obviously, I got over it quickly enough because it’s December 31, 2013 and I’m still working there. I’ve had a few ups and downs here and there working there so far. Sometimes, I definitely want to snap at everybody there. Other days, it’s super pleasant and nothing will stop me. I think having numerous work friends partially helps with our occasional conversations. I did skip out on a work friendship though at some point – I thought the guy might have had a crush on me, asked him about it, he said no, and then I thought if I really wanted to make an effort for the friendship and decided, nah, not worth it, since he more of trying to get me to be a fan of his music anyway (sorry, but I’m already a fan of someone else’s music).

I cut my hair at least twice this year. I know, I know – this seems like a bit of a silly thing to mention. The first time I cut it, it came out well. The second time I cut it, I accidentally cut one side too short. Knowing I didn’t want to wear it short with my hair just naturally falling, I begun to style it again, which is something I haven’t done for over a year! I first started spiking it to one side for work (the first day, nobody really noticed – the second day, when I dropped the volumizing spray, nearly EVERYBODY went crazy over my hair, calling me a rockstar and stuff, which was the hilarious thing (especially since my hair style is based off of anime/manga characters and gyaru-o)). Eventually, I reverted back to my old style, which is the hair style my anime form’s hair is based off of. (I actually need to cut it again…2014!!!).



For the remainder of the year, I hung out with my good ol’ friend Tom at least twice (he let me borrow Halo from him and helped me finish it and laughed at me failing since I hadn’t played it in so long), hung out with Courtney again, met the very awesome Michele Knotz (anime voice actress; she’s the current voice of Jessie on Pokémon), went to see my grandparents & cousins, AND got to meet Hurricane and Daniel in person. I’ve also grown considerably closer to Hurricane over the past year or so (voice chats and webcam REALLY helped), so it was wonderful seeing his near flawless face in person. That guy has amazing skin.


Part 3: Creative & Fun

2013 kind of began a bit of a revival in myself. Well, sort of. There are numerous things that died down for me and I didn’t expect them to ever come back and hit me with full force, but I was wrong. Some of these things have been almost full on revivals, while others have been in short little burst.

For the earliest part of the year, mostly a continuation of last year, is my revival love for historical clothing, ESPECIALLY the 18th century. I fell in love with the late 19th century too, but my heart primarily belongs to the late 18th century. Pinterest did nothing but help fuel my interest and fuel my anger that I couldn’t just jump right in and sew all the pretty dresses and suits.

I suppose historical clothing inspired me to get back to sewing, or at least back long enough to actually finish something from beginning to end. This year has pretty much been the year of the drawstring bags for me – I sewed one for Courtney’s birthday and sewed a TON for Christmas (and I have more to do). I sewed some too to house Tom and Randy’s Ryan’s gifts from last year because, hey, why not sew more drawstring bags? I did try to sew an 18th century shift earlier this year, but failed due to shrinking fabric. I hope to try again some day soon.



Parapara decided to poke itself through my life occasionally in 2013. It usually showed up when I wanted to dance, but wanted to do something choreographed. I wasn’t going to learn anything not parapara related, so I just went back to brush up on a few routines and learn one or two new ones. If I remember correctly, I learned “Wacky-Wacky-O!” during this year. Actually, yeah – I think that was what I wanted to dance during work…

Of course, parapara hasn’t experienced a full revival for me. At least, not yet. I’m a bit frustrated at myself for forgetting dances I learned forever ago and danced so many times I shouldn’t have forgotten them. I’ve forgotten some of my favourite dances too! I have quite a list to remember if I ever get back to parapara, which I hope to one of these days.

Perhaps not as surprising, Eurobeat itself has experienced quite a revival for me! I’ve mostly avoided the genre for the past few years after overlistening to it, minus a few songs (“Sexy Sexy Sexy” is always in my song rotation). I think I might finally be off my Eurobeat hiatus, despite the newer Eurobeat doesn’t quite appeal to me as much as the older stuff.

I kind of off and on have felt bad that Mister Hurricane360 has been making me music for numerous reasons. I have also felt annoyed that I’ve requested songs from him and he hasn’t done them yet. Through my anger and guilt, I have decided to start making music! I’ll admit, I haven’t actually made anything yet. I came up with a tune and that’s about it. I’ve mostly played around with FL Studio to get a feeling for the program. I’m kind of frustrated I haven’t made a song yet.

I stupidly made myself another back catalog of artwork, DANG IT. Some of it involves pictures for Hurricane, as thank you gifts for making me music (of course, now he can get physical gifts). Others involves ones I did for fun. Lots of chibis because my chibi style is adorable, in my not-so-humble opinion. I’m kind of sobbing (45 images, dang it) at this, but my plan is just to take it easy and only do small batches of artwork to see how that comes out. I hope to finish it in less than two years. If I’m lucky.

kaloskelly_chibi copy

I think it’s fair to call this my year of cooking. Well, starting to cook. I was sick of eating blah food and wanted to put effort into it. I made numerous delicious dishes throughout the year, like tomato & mushroom risotto and simmered zucchini.



I guess my last bit for this section is for Kelly’s Journey fans. Throughout this year, I started working more on episode 19, as well as a surprise rewrite of episode 1 (!!!!). The rewrite came out of myself trying to bullet point out the story so far for the KJ website again. I found the early episodes to be almost unbearable to read. Additionally, episode 18 of KJ has been a breaking point for me in writing Kelly’s character, so I decided that going back and rewriting the earlier episodes would be a great idea with my better understanding of the characters. They’re not too different from the original episodes – just more detailed and fluffed out to be an easier read. At least, I hope they will be. Don’t worry though – the newer episodes are going to be written along side them (…hopefully! Come on me! We waited long enough!).

Part 4: In Summary

2013 has been a great year overall, in comparison to last year. It started with having good friends in my life and has ended with good friends in my life. I managed to get one goal done (which is one more goal than last year!) and got my hands somewhat deeply into the second one. I followed my wishes for this year and didn’t get angry at not finish my goals.

I loved how this year has allowed me to take a step forward in my life, as well as brought back numerous things of meaning for me.

I hope 2014 goes just as well, if not better. I’m excited and can’t wait to see it!

See you guys for my next post: my 2014 goals, hopes, and dreams!

(New Years Day Note: I wrote all of this (minus the food note) yesterday, but didn’t have my pictures on me! Sorry this post is so late!)