[RAMBLES/GOALS] Hello 2014 – Here’s My Goal’s For Ya

Hello everybody~! And hello 2014! It’s a brand new year, which for myself, means I can start my new goals for the year. I can’t tell you how excited I was for the end of 2013. I didn’t care about Thanksgiving or Christmas. New Years was the day! New Years Day! January 1st, 2014 was the day I cared about. That meant I could actually finalize my goals for the new year and write a blog entry talking about them. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I had a lot of things I wanted to do, but some just jumped out at me as a yes, concentrate on this. Of course, my interest has fluctuated on those tasks over time with so much waiting, but I still plan on going with them. They’re kind of one of those things that once I get my hands into them, I don’t want to stop until they’re done or I get too worn out.

Part 1: Personal Goals


This year, I’m going to be trying scheduling a bit differently than before. I have two sets of goals: Carried Goals and New Goals. Carried goals are ones carried over from at least last year, while New Goals are ones I didn’t carry over from the previous two or three years (…though, I could have easily pulled them from four years ago).

Carried Goals:
1.) Finish my website
2.) Finish Genki II

These should be obvious, as I outlined them in my previous post and talked about how I didn’t finish them.

I’m first going to concentrate on finishing my website, which has its first, long, time-consuming step almost done. I have 9 images left, all commission examples that need background images. Once these are completed, I can move onto making my website graphics (and, additionally, the commission information graphics for posting up on deviantART and other places) and coding the layouts. Both things I’m currently looking forward to, but will probably want to punch my computer by the end of it. The only estimated date will be sometime this year. I’m hoping early this year (within the first four months), but expect it later (the last four months).

My second goal would be completing Genki II, which is the textbook I’m using to learn Japanese. Yes, yes, I know I’m not done yet. In fact, I really need to do a review of the first 16 chapters because my Japanese is currently rusty. When I get back to Genki II (which could also be called “getting back to Japanese”), I will first be doing a review of the previous lessons, study those for a bit, then get back to more or less what I had previously been doing. I aim to learn everything just enough to recall it, be sure it’s right, but still want to double check myself. That might seem weird, but there’s a reason for it in the “new goals”.

Of course, I’m not going to spend the entire year just concentrating on these two things (though, I probably should). No. I have OTHER things I want to get done too!


New Goals:
1.) Kelly’s Journey
2.) Novel writing
3.) Japanese
4.) Completing new back catalog of images
5.) Music/Sewing/Cooking/Seeing Friends & Family more

Wow, FIVE goals! FIVE! How can I ever do these all?! Well, I have plans. First though, I want to expand on my goals a bit more first.

Kelly’s Journey will be this year’s BIG project, much like how completing my huge back catalog of images was last year’s. Just writing Kelly’s Journey isn’t just included in this goal, but anything else I plan on doing with it, including some more crappy comics that I don’t think anybody actually enjoys because my drawings are so bad and the Kelly’s Journey website. The PRIMARY focus though will be writing it. Ideally, the writing will be split between the earlier episode rewrites and writing the new episodes. I aim to have at least 10 new episodes completed by the end of the year, though more is certainly welcome. Once the earlier episode rewrites are completed, I would like to begin on the pre-Kelly’s Journey stories that will (hopefully) flesh out the characters. I think the one(s) for Mistico though may have to get done sooner than later because she’s the only character I can’t seem to write entirely well yet of mine. If all goes well, I’ll aim for a frequent KJ episode release for 2015 and release the pre-KJ stories on the website only.

Novel writing sounds like it would be a big project…except I’m only dedicating two months to them. Not two months in a row, but two months of this year. One is DEFINITELY in November, where I will be doing NaNoWriMo once again, as well as Camp NaNoWriMo, whenever that will be. I’ll be writing two different stories, obviously, because it’s against the NaNoWriMo rules to continue one’s story. I plan on using two stories that aren’t part of my “main novels” (as I call them – so the ones that contain characters of mine like Faye Jademan, Samantha Laine, etc.). I just need to pick out which two stories those are. Assuming I don’t finish the novels within a month, but manage to hit the word count goal, I’m open to writing them when I’m taking a break from everything else.


Japanese is different from my carried over goal. This “new goal” for Japanese assumes I have already completed the Genki series and am ready to move onto the next step…which will not be moving onto intermediate Japanese just yet. Instead, I will be aiming to pound everything I SHOULD know into my head to the point I can’t forget it. I will also be practicing my Japanese grammar and listening, which are very clearly (to me) my weakest areas in Japanese. Okay, so my listening isn’t that bad when I have visuals to go along with them. For audio only though, forget it. I plan on reviewing/learning five kanji a week in an attempt to make myself remember them more. I hope it goes well.

One of my other goals related to Japanese is putting everything I should have learned from my textbooks, as well as JLPT study guides into an organized document for quick reference and easy study. I would ideally hand write one as well, but we’ll have to see about that.

Completing my back catalog of images is another goal. I won’t focus on it as heavy as the previous one, but dang it, why did I have to go and draw another 45 dang images last year! My goal is to finish them within the first half of the year (first 6 months) and post them gradually on deviantART and all at the same time on my artwork subsite (which, by the way, is the only completely finished part of the website for me right now). Completing them will be more of a break time sort of thing – after writing for two hours, I can work on it for an hour, then get back to writing.

The last goal is a combination goal of music, sewing, cooking, seeing friends & family more. Why would I put all of these things together? They’re focus goals, but not of heavy focus. All of these goals would be what I call “productive time wasters” and would ideally come in during breaks for myself during the other goals.

Music is divided into learning how to read music, learning how to play music, and making music. The first one (reading music) can EASILY come in between everything else. For instance, when I complete two images for my website and have gotten bored, I could start studying how to read music. Learning how to play music and making music are longer tasks and can probably come on break days or after I complete a task for the day (for example, if I aim to get two images drawn for my website, I would finish those, then work on making music).

Sewing will be more of a task I do when I get bored of working on everything else and desire for something different. If I’ve been writing for four months straight, there’s a good chance I’ll get sick of it and want something different. Sewing is that “something different”. Obviously, there is a lone exception to projects I have already started, like all those dang Christmas drawstring bags I still need to complete. I SHALL COMPLETE THEM. SOONISH. That’s among my first goals too.

Cooking, ideally, will be something I do after every paycheck. I want to make enough meals to last me a week or two that are delicious, that I can heat up, and are a bit healthier to eat than frozen meals from the store. I don’t expect myself to do this every paycheck, but I would hope so.

Seeing friends & family is obviously a pretty important goal. A lot of this more has to do with my Walmart work scheduling and money status than anything else. Okay, everybody else’s schedule plays a factor too.

Part 2: Work Goals


Yes, I have work goals! I’m defining “work goals” as anything I make money off of, so commissions are included in this.

Work Goals:
1.) To reopen commissions
2.) To take the CSM test

I will NOT be reopening commissions until AT LEAST the commissions website is completed. I want a place of nicely organized information for commissions, which is exactly what the commissions website will be. I hope this to be sooner than later. People have been waiting long enough!

My second work goal is to take the CSM test at Walmart. I want to be a CSM and my first step is to take that test! I won’t be considered unless I do so. Anything that follows will be my next goal.

I guess an extra goal in relation to the work goals is not to let it affect my personal goals. My personal goals are slightly more important to me (in the “they keep me sane” kind of way), so I need to make sure THEY get done, alongside these.

Okay, so letting Walmart not affect my personal goals is a lot easier than not letting commissions affect them. Walmart is done at the building, not at home. It’s easier to divide.

Part 3: Scheduling

Now to get to how I’m going to be getting all of these goals done. I have a nice schedule planned, although it is completely subject to change. Everything will be worked around my Walmart schedule (which should be easy – I either have to get up early or stay up late) for the actual timing.

First, I want to talk about my commissions. Unlike 2011 & 2012 where I didn’t limit myself to the number of commissions and how long I work on them, 2014 will have heavy limits. I will only take up to 5 individuals at a time with a limit of TWO IMAGES per order with a character limit of THREE. Okay, that’s slightly irrelevant information, but it still links back to the limits. The other limits I have restrict me to work on the commissions Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday for only three hours. It doesn’t matter if I have 10 images to work on – I will only work on them for three hours (I may do more depending on how I feel, but for the most part, only three hours). This cuts into my personal goal work time, but still gives me time to work on them.

For my personal goals, they will be on alternating schedules with the exception to the NaNoWriMo months. Personal goals are divided into Goal A, Goal B, and Goal C groups. Goal A group are carried over goals, Goal B group are primary new goals, and Goal C group are secondary new goals, most likely ones that I do in between everything else out of boredom.

I will not work on my personal goals on Wednesday or Sundays, with the lone exception to Group C goals if I feel like it (or to catch up on something I missed). I will also not work on the last week of the month. The last week is for relaxing and reviewing what I have done so far. I expect these to be video game vacation weeks.

Each scheduled week will be divided by Sunday and Wednesday. The first half of the goal week will be on Mondays & Tuesday, while the second half on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. For my default setup, the first half will be the Goal A group, while the Goal B group will have second half.

Monday – Goal A
Tuesday – Goal A
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Goal B
Friday – Goal B
Saturday – Goal B
Sunday – Off

I’m welcome to switch them up if I feel that it’s appropriate. For instance, let’s say I’m working on Kelly’s Journey (goal B) and find myself close to finish an episode, I can switch it to Monday & Tuesday the following week and move working on my website (goal A) to Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

If I manage to finish all my Goal A’s (which I highly doubt), I’ll be dividing my time between two different Goal B’s. For example, I would focus on Kelly’s Journey for two or three days, then go to Japanese.

Part 4: Other

I’m not going to start my schedule this week or next week, but rather the week after. I don’t like the idea of starting things right on the first of a month. I think it’s easier to get into them after the first of the month. So, expect me to start on January 13, 2014.

I hope to keep my blog relatively active with updates on what I’m doing. Of course, I can’t really keep it active unless more people read my blog. Numbers encourage me to keep going! Kind of. Actually, an active userbase would more likely do that.

I guess there’s another “goal” I plan on doing too, leading up to the 13th: organize my bookshelves. I know I did that last year, but I really, really, REALLY need to do so again. I’m a bit sad I need to destroy my Pokémon-dedicated shelf area, but alas, there is no room for it. Oh well. It can still be slightly dedicated to Pokémon.

Okay, I’m hoping to sew all those dang Christmas bags too.


I’m already doing this.

I wish myself more than the best of luck in completing everything.

What are YOUR goals for 2014?