[RAMBLES] January 2014 – Month Round Up

Welp, it’s finally the final week of January! As I mentioned in my 2014 goals post, I will be relaxing the last week of every month. This is mainly to recharge myself and look over what I have done, asking what I did a great job on and what I want to improve on. Although I’ve only spent about two weeks on my goals in January, I can already see the issues starting to pop up.

Before I start talking about my issues, let’s talk about the good things!

At Walmart

I’m not even going to call it “at work”. I’m going to call it “at Walmart”. That is where my main paycheck comes from after all. Anyway, I think Walmart has been the most successful part of my plans for this year. My only goal for Walmart this year was to take the leadership test to start becoming a CSM.

I finished that goal before I even finished my 2014 goal post. (Thank you, CSM DNY.)

I’ve also gone ahead and talked to the manager for the front end about wanting to become a CSM, which she gave me a small list of things I could do to be a candidate for the job. She said I wasn’t ready (which I wholeheartedly agree – while I TRULY BELIEVE I will be a great CSM, I know I am not ready to be one at the present moment) right now, but that shouldn’t stop me! I know I need to sit down with myself, think over her suggestions, and write up how I ideally want to go about improving myself and what I can realistically do (or alternates to my ideals).

I don’t believe I should do that right away, but within the next few weeks. At least the writing up how I ideally want to go about it, which hopefully will float to the back of my mind and grow back there, undisturbed.

It’s probably a good thing my goal isn’t to be a CSM this year, huh? I’m hoping within the next two to three years.

Personal Goals

Before the year started and before I began working on my goals, my scheduling of dividing up the week to work on goals seemed GREAT! It sounded like it was going to work out well for me. I still think it could have still somewhat worked out for me…if Walmart would give me the same days off that I give myself.

Now, I don’t have a problem with the days Walmart gives me off. My issue is that I give myself days off from my personal stuff that doesn’t line up with Walmart gives me. On days I have off from Walmart, I generally do one of two things: 1.) I visit friends or 2.) I sleep. I don’t set it up this way either, it just seems to happen on it own (especially the sleeping – I might think “hey, I think I might wanna wake up at 9:30 in the morning!” and my body is like “NOOOOPE, 7:30 AT NIGHT”). Visiting friends has become even more of a priority since Hurricane360 and I are now a couple. It’s getting increasingly harder not to see him in person, to the point I want to spend every day I have off with him.

With my current break schedule, my breaks for myself are on Sundays and Wednesdays, as well as the last week of the month. The last week of the month honestly holds no problems. The Sundays/Wednesdays for the first three weeks do only because Walmart doesn’t usually give me those off – currently I’m getting Mondays & Fridays off.

The simplest fix for this break schedule issue is to work with my Walmart schedule. My own personal goal schedule should be based around the Walmart work schedule I receive, which is possible. After all, I can’t go see friends the days I’m working unless I go in SUPER late (and by “super late”, I mean 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM). It will easily solve my “ditching things to see friends because I have a day off from Walmart” issue I currently have.

The other problem with my schedule is…well, I have an issue with how I divided it up. I could already feel right from the start spending only two days on my older, unfinished goals just wasn’t good enough for me, especially since those older goals have a higher priority than my newer goals (or, more specifically, finishing my website is a priority over writing Kelly’s Journey). I still want to do the lower priority goals too though.

I think what I’m going to try for February is working on the goals everyday except for when I have days off from Walmart and the last week of the month. The first 3 to 4 hours will be dedicated to my website (which is my first Goal A – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my 2014 goal post), while the remaining hours will be dedicated to Kelly’s Journey. If I have time to spare time or feel like working on something else, I can do my smaller goals. Which smaller goals I work on (music/sewing/reading/cooking) would probably depend on how much time I have to do them. If I was done working on my website and Kelly’s Journey for the day (3 hours for website, 2 hours for the new episodes, 1 hour for the rewrite episode), I probably would opt for studying how to read music or reading to unwind. If it was a day off from Walmart & I was going to see a friend, but couldn’t do so until later in the day, I would be willing to spend the first half of the day cooking or sewing. Everything depends how much time I have, really.

The only thing that concerns me about my goals is my desire to spend a lot of time with Hurricane360. When we’re not seeing each other in person, we’re on Skype. Usually I go onto Skype after work (usually around midnight) and talk to him before he goes to bed, around 3 or 4 AM. I love working on my goals at night, but I also want to talk to him (more so now than before). I think I might need to discipline myself and not talk to him before my goals get done or wake up earlier to start some goals before work and work on some after).

I’m afraid to not talk to him before I get my goals done though because he might be offline by the time I finish them. I guess waking up earlier would be the better idea…but I really hate waking up early (oh, boo hoo me, shut up). I guess I’ll have to sit on it a bit.

I think I might try waking up earlier though so I’m more awake when I go into work. I can spend a few hours before work working on Kelly’s Journey (since I REALLY need no distractions to write that), then spend after work on the website (which will have arguably more hours and I can work on website stuff while talking to Hurricane).

So, in short:- My original goal schedule doesn’t work because it doesn’t line up with my Walmart schedule
– I’m changing my personal goal work days to go along with my work schedule
– I’m going to be working on Goal groups A & B on the same days, rather than dividing the week up
– I’m going to see if I can wake up earlier to work on half my goals before work and work on the other half after

Hmm…I like the idea of waking up earlier to work on some goals before work, then finish them after. That’s a good way to divide up the day, in my opinion!

Everything Else

There were quite a few firsts this month! I honestly think, beside from the leadership test, these were the most successful parts of the month.

The first thing I tried out was heating up my frozen sauce on the stove instead of the microwave. I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while now. Usually I make a big batch of sauce, freeze it, then heat it up in the microwave later. While the initial heat up in the microwave taste perfectly fine, repeated refrigerating and heating just makes it taste disgusting. Edible, but disgusting. I thought that maybe, just maybe, heating it up the stove would make it taste better.

It didn’t just taste better.

It taste like a fresh batch of sauce!

It doesn’t even take that long to heat up!

I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now. I think the only time I’ll heat up sauce in the microwave again will be to dip something into it because I only have a limited amount of time to eat. Otherwise, it’ll be on the stove.

If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend it! If you’re heating up from frozen sauce like myself, try running the frozen sauce container under hot water for a few minutes. It will melt the sauce around the sides just a bit to slide out of the container easier. That’s what I do.

The other awesome thing I did this month? I dragged Hurricane360 to MY HOUSE. Okay, so, I insanely drove 2 hours to his area, 2 hours back to my house, then drove him BACK up later that day for another 2 hours, then drove to my dad’s for about half an hour, all on a total of two hours of sleep (or maybe even less than that). I love this guy though and REALLY wanted to drag him back to my house, so that’s exactly what I did. When I want to do something, oh, I’ll do it.

We didn’t even first go to my house – I first dragged him grocery shopping to two different places because I was going to make him pasta. He’s been wanting to try the sauce I make for a while now and I wanted to make him a fresh batch of the kind of sauce I usually make, not my most recent, slightly failed batch. We decided I was going to cook instead to save money, but go figure – I would have spend just as much if we did go out!

Granted, that’s my fault – I got us junk food too, on top of the pasta stuff. Harharhar.

When we finally got back to my house, he was so fascinated by everything. His mouth was open the entire time. It was just so adorable! He helped me get out the groceries, open the cans of tomato sauce/tomato puree/tomato paste/diced tomatoes, and washed all the dishes in the sink.

He washed all the dishes in the sink. We didn’t even use them and he washed them. Eeeee.

Okay, then he started helping me clean my room. We kind of stopped a few times to kiss and cuddle…but eventually finished the best we could with how cluttered my room is. ilovethisguyhi

After that, we pretty much just cuddled and made out. We did talk to my mom for a bit too (he helped her put the bed sheet onto her bed).

I ended up dozing off while cuddling and eventually had to bring him back home. I wish he could have just slept over, dang it!

I hope we get to hang out again at my house.

I feel like there was another success this month…I just can’t remember it right now.


Not sure.

OH, WAIT. Another thing I did for the first time was with Hurricane! I actually decided to let him help me brainstorm future Kelly’s Journey episodes. I’ve been resistant to it for a while, but I kind of caved. He’s kind of the Ash to my Kelly right now, so I thought maybe, you know, it might not be a bad idea for him to help me with that. It was A LOT of fun. I definitely want to do that again.

In terms of Walmart and non-personal-goal things, life is going pretty great! In terms of personal goals though, it’s not going so great.

Some people might be ecstatic about myself hanging out with friends and having a boyfriend and being like “that is life!”, but for me, that’s only the (excuse the food metaphor) bite sized snacks of life. My personal goals are the main course and without them, my life is worthless to me. I strive for balance, which I hope I’ll obtain.

(Side Mini-Rant: I wish Hurricane360 would just live with me because it would be good for everybody in this house and for him, dang it! I liked having somebody to assist me and to spend time with me.)