[RAMBLES] February 2014…so far

I will argue that January 2014 was a failure for me in what I wanted to do for the month and the year. I was still struggling through a stupid amount of artwork for my website and while I wrote a bit of Kelly’s Journey, I didn’t write as much as I wanted to. Since I failed last month, I made an effort to change how I went about my scheduling, identifying the issues of why I failed. I was hoping February would start off much better than January did.

Then I got sick.

The first full week of February and I got sick. I barely did anything for the first couple of days, just rested and relaxed, making sure I didn’t exert myself and prolong myself being sick. I had to go to Florida too that weekend for my grandfather’s birthday, which made me want to make sure I DEFINITELY got better. I couldn’t start working on my goals just yet and that upset me, dang it.

I did push myself the day before I went to Florida, I believe, to complete the final image I needed for my website – something I was super determined to do and managed to do so! I told myself that yes, when I got back from Florida, I would start working on these other goals of mine (that and I would cut my hair…which I still haven’t done).

As soon as I returned from Florida, I began working on the commission website graphics (as well as the graphics I needed for my deviantART journal entry) and the commission website itself. That was going well!

I knew I wanted to get to Kelly’s Journey at some point though. I know I have neglected it for FAR too long and I could feel myself neglecting it again. The worst was when I chose to talk to my adorable boyfriend over writing it and that triggered depression inside of me. I went to work angry that day and knew that I absolutely HAD to write Kelly’s Journey when I got home or the next day.

I went to go write it when I went home, but then I decided, no. I was writing it the next day. I was going to sleep, waking up early, and writing it. And that’s exactly what I did. In fact, I concentrated on it so much, I finished writing episode 19!

And then today, I finished doing the rewrite of episode 1!


I also have been briefly working on my website after work too, since a lot of what I have left is simply coding and formatting things.

I’m super excited to write the next two episodes (episode 20 and episode 2’s rewrite) soon for Kelly’s Journey. I’m also excited for my website, but there’s just so many little things I have to do for it, dang it.

I’m aiming for a March 1st launch of my commissions.

Let’s see how it turns out, shall we? I hope this month continues to go well and next month will go even better.