[RAMBLES] February 2014 – Near Its End

Hello the end of February! It’s definitely most certainly time to round up what I have done for this month. If you haven’t read last month’s round up, you can read it here. For a few progress updates from this month, go here and here.

February Overall

February seemed to start out badly. I suddenly got sick and chose to rest instead of working on my goals. The only thing I managed to pull through early in the month was finishing the final image I needed to actually work on my website. I went down to Florida to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday and could not WAIT to get back to start my website.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) enough, I DID start working on my website, as well as with Kelly’s Journey.

I finished episode 19 and the rewrite of episode 1 for Kelly’s Journey in about two days if I remember correctly. It might have been a bit longer than that, especially for episode 19, otherwise I’m confusing it for last month. Either way, I could feel myself in the last part of the episodes and knew I could finish them. I managed to start episode 20 and the episode 2 rewrite, but my motivation was unfortunately killed about a week or two ago by a certain someone who was trying to help me (I love you). I know if I force myself to work on it again though, I will. Episode 20 is SUPER exciting (watching the second part of the St. Anne episode isn’t exciting for me, but writing it is) and episode 2…well, I’m realizing that there isn’t much I have to rewrite, but definitely elaborating scenes is a good idea.

For my website, I started with the commissions layout. I don’t quite feel like retelling everything since I already did that earlier, so just go the blog post. In brief, I continued with a layout I made for it sometime last year, scrapped some ideas for it, and have been working on it almost non-stop. The last thing my blog post mentions is that I successfully made an order form (IT WORKS! IT WORKS!) and had numerous other, small things to do to finish it all off. I flew through everything, except for checking the website for mistakes and adding updates. I got side tracked by some last minute “Thank You” page images that I quickly did. They’re kinda cute.

There’s some chibi version of my guy side…

ty_chibi_guyAnd another one of my girl side…


The “Thank You” pages looked SUPER empty without them.

I’m hoping to take some time this week, despite being my “week off” to go over the entire site and launch it March 1st. Or next week on Monday. Actually, do you know what, I think I might launch it on Monday.

Overall, I feel like February was successful in working on my goals! Two Kelly’s Journey episodes are completed, two more have been started, and my commission’s website is in its final stages and is almost ready to launch! It’s even more successful in comparison to January!


Did I fail with anything? Sure! Remember how last month I wanted to try dividing my goals up between Before Work/After Work with Goal B (Kelly’s Journey) before work and Goal A (Website) after work? Well, when I started off the month, I didn’t do that. During the middle of the month, I managed to mostly do it successfully, until my motivation for Kelly’s Journey became shot and my commissions website was almost finished.

What’s Next?

March 1st is this Saturday! Oh boy! I’m kind of excited.

For the month of March, I want to continue working on Kelly’s Journey and my website. I am going to aim to have FOUR episodes of Kelly’s Journey written during the month – two new episodes and two rewrites. I will NOT get upset if I don’t make it to completing four episodes, but I hope to have two episodes fully written and the next two halfway done. For my website, I’ll officially launch my commissions website and working on the other websites (actually, wait – I’m working on my blog next – sooo, I’m working on this place next, so nevermind! I’m working on this website, this blog right here).

Additionally, I want to spend the month of March:
– planning out my Camp NaNoWriMo novel (I haven’t even decided what I’m going to write yet); this includes picking out an idea, brainstorming it, laying it out, and fixing it;
– working on commissions in such a manner that does NOT interfere with my personal goals (or at least, figuring out a way to not let it affect my personal goals);
– SAVE MONEY, so no spending it on anything I don’t need! Only bills, gas, and food;
– Finishing those bags I need to sew;
– READING! I want to get back to reading my entire bookshelf of manga, with at least two manga a day (more if it’s a day off!). Additionally, I want to read the other books I have started, but haven’t finished yet

I hope March will be great! No, it must be great. It must be the most successful month yet…which will end up topped by April! Then April will be topped by May! And…yeah, you probably get it by now.