[RAMBLES] A Package of “Rewards”

I think I’m allowed to generously reward myself for sucking it up at work, plus still being relatively productive with my own goals. (Okay, sure, I’m currently lagging behind on my goals, but that’s more of a consequence of not taking enough time to relax every 10 days or so.) The first bit of these rewards have come in.

First, let’s start with the digital rewards: two games off the Nintendo E-Shop for the 3DS.

The first one is Kanji no Yakata to Obake-tachi (漢字の館とオバケたち)Year 1. It’s a kanji learning/review game clearly meant for elementary school students. I find it useful though as a refresher, since I either know all (or most) of the kanji.


It’s really cute and absolutely love the ghosts. Especially when they laugh at me when I fail. It’s also really helpful too in refreshing my memory of kanji. I’m currently really rusty with Japanese and this game provides me with the sort of refresher I want.

I hope to do a review on it properly sometime later, once I have a chance to play it more and give it a fair review. So far though, I like it.

The second one is the PuyoPuyo 20th Anniversary Edition Mini Version, which I bought for 300円. I’ve been wanting to try PuyoPuyo for a while and a small version for about $3 seemed to be a good choice.


I didn’t think PuyoPuyo was going to be as addicting as it is. There’s something about winning and losing that makes me want to play over and over again.

There is a story mode, but I’m choosing to ignore that for now until I get better at the game…okay, and until I get farther in my Japanese studies. ’cause, you know, that might be helpful.

Then the non-digital rewards of mine I bought at the beginning of the month, but I just got them today (I was waiting to consolidate the packages).

My cellphone got two new accessories:

1.) A headphone jack cover of twin cats WHICH ARE JUST ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!



2.) A Ninfia cellphone strap!


Ninfia is my favourite Eevee evolution, yes. I’ve been waiting to have one. And no, I don’t remember its English name. Don’t bother telling me too, thanks.

I also bought myself a Ninfia plushie because zohmygodz, Ninfia.



It’s so adorable.

I’m sure some of my friends think that Kelly is going to end up with Ninfia (or really any Fairy type Pokémon, since that is now my second favourite type, next to Dark) on her team, but nope. I think Fairy Pokémon fit Daisy (as in Daisy Ketchum, Ash’s younger sister in Kelly’s Journey) a lot better. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, just ignore this. Harharhar.

I also got three games. Two for the 3DS and one…for the TV.

I bought Tabidase Doubutsu no Mori (better known as Animal Crossing), which will be the first Animal Crossing game I have ever played. I bought it because so many people were playing it and it seemed fun! Yes, I bought it in Japanese. This was before I received the American 3DS from my friend. Also, the game in Japanese has furigana over the kanji, which is helpful for a learner like myself.


I also bought a game called Labyrinth no Kanata. From what I could tell by the previews it’s an RPG featuring a female main character, which sold me right away. I’m sad that the game itself doesn’t have furigana over the kanji (at least, not that I can see), so I’ll probably be waiting a while before I play it. Which is fine – I have a kajillion other games to play anyway.


I like that the cover is sparkly. I didn’t expect that.

The last item I got is this TV Pokémon Get! game, where you pop the DVD into the DVD player, sync the Pokéball with the remote, and pretend that you’re catching Pokémon. I watched a video on it and thought it was pretty dang cool.


Unfortunately, the only DVD player I have in my room is the Playstation 3, which doesn’t have a remote control like a regular DVD player, so I can’t play the game quite yet. I’m hoping to in the near future (or far future if I must).

I did pop the DVD into my PS3 though out of curiosity though, mainly to see if the DVD was region coded or not. The great news is that the DVD appears to be region free, so I should be able to play it on any DVD player.


Overall, I’m happy with my current collection of “rewards”. I’m looking forward to using them all if I haven’t already. I’m also looking forward to the next set.