[ARTWORK] Queue Image 002: Samantha’s New Look Redraw

Probably after this one, I’ll be covering all that I’ve done at the end of a week. Right now though, you’re getting another somewhat boring ramble of a post because I want to fill up space. I’m not really satisfied with this as I was with the other image, primarily in the colouring area. I don’t think I like the artists oils with the lineart mixture. Doesn’t look bad though. I guess I’ll just keep on having to experiment as I go. This picture, as well as looking at the list of images I have to colour, I need more of my fan characters.

…I’ll do that when I hit 50 images of my original characters.


Samantha Walking

Samantha's New Look - Redrawing

This image was a redraw of an image called “Samantha’s New Look”. It’s my original story character, Samantha, just simply walking to display her new outfit. She had a drastically different look before her redesign, which is why I wanted to show it off. Of course, now my drawings have improved and I wanted to reintroduce Samantha into my gallery, so I went for a redraw of the image.

I’m actually REALLY surprised that I don’t have a coloured version of the original image up on deviantART, but I don’t. So you won’t be seeing it. I do know where I can get the coloured image, but frankly, I’m too lazy to do that.

Samantha's New Look (Original Version)

Samantha's New Look (Original Version)

I didn’t change too much on the updated version – honestly, she has everything that she had in the old version, just done better in comparison. Of course, the redrawing has a few flaws that I need to keep in mind for the future. I think the most notable difference is that rather putting her hands into pockets on her pants, she puts them in the ones on her sweatshirt. Other than that, it’s more or less the same.

I chose this image simply as a test for the eyes – in the new sketch, I “hollowed” out everything related to the eye, minus the bottom part. I wanted to test a new look for the eye, which in the end ultimately failed because I actually REALLY like my eye style.

Samantha's New Look

Samantha's New Look - Final Result

Just like what I do with a lot of my original story characters, I avoid using cell shading. Of course, this usually ends up with me not liking it half the time. I went for the artists oils once again and REALLY liked it at first, but when I finished it, it felt somewhat plain and sort of similar to how I used to use the burn tool to colour images. It doesn’t look bad, per se, it just don’t have the sort of depth I wish it had. All this tells me is that I should stop using the artists oils with inky lineart and come up with another style.

I did something a TINY bit different with the eyes, but not far too different. Rather than burn tooling the rim of the eyes, I used the airbrush instead. Then I used the dodge tool to do the awesome highlight part I adore so much. I should most likely stop doing it, but I love how it looks too much.

I also added a highlight to the hair using an airbrush, gaussian blur, and blending set to “pin light” in Photoshop, which I think came out pretty well. I like it, actually.

At the end of the day, I think this picture is decent at best. I feel like I could do better, I just need to search for more ways to colour. I know that there definitely are more, especially ones that compliment the lineart (that isn’t cell shading). I just need to keep on experimenting.