[PERSONAL | RAMBLES | MY DAY] Before I Go to Sleep…

I was half awake this morning when Hurricane kindly told me the time and asked me if I wanted to get up to work on stuff. I was touched by this, but decided, naaaah…let me go back to sleep. So I did. I don’t really regret it.

I just don’t like that I only managed to work (and complete) one piece of artwork. It was a commission from the summer for a VIP client, so it’s a good thing.

I did do some other things as well, including the resin practice I mentioned the other day.

I think I’m just going to bullet point my day again. That will be the quickest and easiest. I’ll elaborate on any thoughts afterward.

So, my day:

  • I got up around noon time; I wanted to go back to sleep, but I decided getting up was a better idea because Hurricane was right — I should get up and work on stuff
  • I decided that I wasn’t going to work on artwork until 3
    • I practiced resin again today; first I did it in a bottle cap-shaped charm, a pendant bevel holder charm thingy, and a candy mold
    • I practiced with my Silhouette Cameo, continuing to figure out how exactly to get my machine work, what size to make my charms
      • I kept on having to reference the Silhouette School blog because I was having trouble left and right; I was able to solve it though thanks to the tutorials! Up until the paper started to slide around while cutting (I guarantee it’s a mixture of all the paper on my cutting mat and that it’s less sticky than before)
      • the cuts were leaving fuzzy residue this time for some reason, so I need to research that at some point
      • I stopped because it was passed time and the Cameo was giving me trouble (none of it was the machine’s fault; it was mine and is mine)
    • I did a load of laundry, even though I originally didn’t plan to (Hurricane asked me to)
  • I worked on the VIP artwork commission
  • Hurricane requested tacos for dinner, so tacos we had (with veggie grounds, of course)
  • I completed the VIP artwork commission, finally
  • I started writing this blog entry

Resin Thoughts

I did a couple of things differently today with the resin:

  • I turned on the heat before I used the resin; the room was 63 degrees (Fahrenheit because I am in America)! That’s CHILLY and soooo not room temperature, like the resin really needs to be!
  • I mixed the resin slowly
  • I did a bunch of practice tests

I’m really excited to see how the practices come out. As far as I can tell, the ones that weren’t my images (soooo, the candy mold and the charms) are coming out REALLY well. If they do come out well, I am SO taking the next step up and throwing cool stuff in it (and by cool stuff, I mean glitter). I’m really looking forward to the candy mold one the most; it’s in the shape of a star!


The ones I tested that were my images…didn’t quite work again. This time, I did understand why they require you to seal your images. I know my ink is waterproof, but I figured the paper wouldn’t be. The resin also acted like a blobby mess on the charms, which was not what I was trying to do, obviously. I was trying to make the resin stop at the edges…which I have recently realize is what doming does…so I need to wait for my Little Windows starter kit gift set to come in so I actually have a doming tray. I wonder if there will be improvement?


I’ll check on everything after work later.

Oh, and as for the one charm I tried yesterday…while it didn’t come out like I wanted it to, it made me feel that resin is DEFINITELY the way for me to go for the things I want to use it on. I’m excited!


Food Thoughts

When Hurricane suggested tacos, I was iffy because I felt full. I guess though, I didn’t feel full per se…I felt more gross in my stomach area. Not in a “I’m fat”, but like there was nasty stuff in the inside of my stomach that was smacking away, making me feel kind of sick. However, I pushed through it and made tacos!

I’m glad I listened to his suggestion though and made tacos. I sauteed some peppers and onions for the tacos, which I’m choosing to believe is partially what has helped me feel lighter.


I felt so heavy before the tacos! However, as I was eating them, there was something about my stomach that got lighter! Maybe it was the cheese and sour cream? I’m certain having some vegetables thrown into there helped sooth my stomach too!

Regardless what it was, I no longer felt heavy in my stomach and I felt…GOOD. Good enough to work on artwork without a complaint!

Artwork Thoughts

After the tacos, I felt like I was on some type of roll with the commission piece. That’s a good thing. No, that’s a GREAT thing!! It made me actually WANT to work on the piece. I also didn’t feel like I was forcing myself too much at that point.

I feel so good right now that I really want to keep going; I want to work on another commission and get it done. I want to knock out a couple more. I also want to switch it up and take a moment to work on convention artwork. I really just want to get the chibis done this week, I really do! Once they are done, I can knock out some of the products and that will be AWESOME!

I think the hardest part of completing the commission today is that I only did one and I want to do A LOT more. However, since it’s so late…I have to decide between sacrificing sleep OR sacrificing my time. Since I have a mid-day shift tomorrow, I have decided to go to sleep after this blog entry.

That was a really hard decision though. I want to work on so much more than I have now. It’s killing me inside that everything is going by so slowly. I know a majority of it is my own fault. However, there are parts that are not my fault. It’s just how they are.

I hope that this motivation stays all day tomorrow so that when I return home, I can pour myself into working and knock out a whole bunch of stuff.

I’m probably going to have a nice chat with myself to see if I can come up with a compromise because I can feel a push for the commission artwork (understandably), but I would VERY much like to get the convention artwork banged out.

Final Thoughts

I’m tired, but I want to work more. I feel so good right now, it’s crazy. I hope my day goes well tomorrow. I really, really, REALLY hope it does. I hope I stay motivated. I hope my heart continues to sing with joy. And I hope I can knock out even more commissions that I have yet so far.

Well, it’s time for me to go to sleep. Thank you and good night!