[PERSONAL | RAMBLES] Hi, September…*falls asleep* (Goals)

fI seem to vaguely recall that September was going to switch focus from artwork/website to something else. What was that again? Ah yes, a Kelly’s Journey month.

I was SO looking forward to that month except for the fact I consider myself a failure for the month of August for the most part. Therefore…I’m shifting things around.

August Overview

Without looking back on my entries, simply because I would rather wait until the end of the year for that, I didn’t do really what I wanted to do. I really wanted to work on both my artwork and website simultaneous, but neither one of those happened.

It’s not like the tasks were particularly overwhelming. I honestly was overcome with an extreme tiredness and I decided to be lazy for a majority of the month. I didn’t want to be lazy, but I decided it was a lot easier to be lazy than not to be lazy.

Am I happy with that decision? NOPE!

I’ll admit I did do a few things in August that were related to my goal, but they were no way on the scale they should have been.

What I Achieved:
– storyboarded an entire comic
– began to storyboard another comic
– worked through a small portion of my commissions
– worked on Hurricane’s website (ignoring that was technically in July…)
– worked on numerous sketches and sketch doodles

I think…the amount I did was NOT okay. I’m sure some people will tell me that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but I MUST!

My ideal August should have started with myself working on the parts of my website that needed to be built, such as the comics subsite (SO IMPORTANT). As I went down the line, I should have been completed with the commission from like, January, plus…well, I think I should have been done with all the ones I have at this point. That’s really what I should have done. Website, commissions, and then I should have worked on artwork. I should have drawn every single picture I plan on selling at anime conventions. I should have drawn every single image I want to sell on my online shop. I should have went all out and drew some superly duperly cool shiznit just for me to help make my art pages more active.

But noooooooope.

I barely scratched the surface of my commissions, I barely worked on my website, and the sketches I’ve done barely makes a dent in what I want to do.

I will admit the only successful thing for me this month was the one storyboard I did. I’m surprised how easy and fun that was. Usually storyboards are painful for me, but they are also SO helpful.

September Goals

I was originally going to work on my story, Kelly’s Journey, for this month. I have 5 more new episodes to go and a handful of rewrites & edits I want to do. I would have probably also worked on the comic storyboarding for the comics that compliment the chapters.

However, due to August’s FAILURE, I will just work on it in October, I guess. Maybe. That feels kind of weird, but that’s okay. I don’t know why that feels weird, it just does.

Due to failing my goals in August, I am bringing them over to September. My main focus will be: completing commissions, sketching artwork for prints, and storyboarding comics.

I’m welcome to sketch fun things too for myself, if I want to. I don’t have to do though. It’s not a requirement. (I kind of wish it was a requirement…I miss drawing fun things for me!!)

Storyboarding for comics isn’t just limited to my current storyboard, but the Kelly’s Journey comic storyboards as well.

I probably won’t touch the website for quite a bit. I don’t find that…important right now.

I mean, it is TOTALLY important, but I think the artwork is more important.

I actually would love to have a queue again and post up only one a week. I’ll probably post some pictures ahead of time though on my art subsite and Patreon.

Let’s see if I can do this.

I’ve felt pretty exhausted so far, so we’ll see where I go.