[PERSONAL | MY DAY | RAMBLES] Resin Experiments are A-Go!

Hey you guys, what’s up? Were you waiting for another update? I know I was! I would have worked on it last night, but I went to bed with a lovely headache that, luckily, went away by the time I woke up! Laughter helped a lot.

How did my day go?

  • I had work, which was okay overall; it had spurts where we were STUPIDLY business, then it would die down; I was a bit upset that I had to ring up front for the last half hour of my day
  • I came home and checked the resin stuff
    • the charms (including the bottle cap) came out GREAT! There weren’t too many bubbles and they looked lovely and smooth
    • the star molds were stupidly hard to get out; Hurricane ended up helping me out and banged them out with a can of tomato puree
    • star molds look good too, but contain a lot of bubbles
  • my Little Windows resin came in, but it’s currently sitting in my mailbox that I’m too lazy to go get; I’m excited though!!
  • I decided to trial something new with resin: GLITTER!!
    • I also placed a scrap picture of my girlside chibi in there
  • I had a headache, so I went to bed early instead of working on stuff
  • Hurricane decided the best way to make me feel better was to tickle him; it worked

It wasn’t productive, but the day went by pretty well. I think the most notable thing was that I woke up with my brain on sleep mode. It was quiet. For once, that actual felt nice. Sometimes it sucks when my brain is quiet, but I liked it this time for whatever reason.

Resin Experiments

The ones from the first day of resin experiments look GREAT! Both the smaller charms looked really clear; the stars, on the other hand had a lot of bubbles. I mean A LOT. They’re all really tiny bubbles and I actually think look kind of nice, however, if I wanted something smoother, it wouldn’t have been good.


So, why would there be bubbles in my resin? I don’t think it’s the stirring; I stir it slowly, scrapping the sides as I go. Perhaps I needed to let the resin sit for a bit? Yet the direction don’t say to do that.

After a quick Google Search, it looks like part of the problem could be the temperature that the resin (and the room) is at. Which is probably the issue. This apartment is cooooold and I can’t really turn on the heat because I pay for it. Dang electric heat!

I’ll have to research how to get around that.

Anyway, the other set of images I did with the resin came out crappy, but that’s okay. I kind of figured they would and am looking forward to trying the doming tray that is coming with my Little Windows resin. I’m not too worried or upset about it.


Once I was done checking everything out and showing them to Hurricane (who so kindly suggest I put a picture in the star one, but I declined only because of how it’s shaped), I got a move on to my next set.

Since these first ones came out so well, I decided to take a step up: add in GLITTER! So I did. I dug it up, poured it into my resin, and started mixing!

This time around, I did two bottle cap charms, one fancy I-don’t-kn0w-what-to-call-it charm, and one of the star molds. I placed a picture of my girlside chibi into one of the bottle cap charms, since I wasn’t going to use it for anything.


After I finished the resin, I poured them onto the items. I realized very quickly it was a mistake to put the glitter in with my girlside image; it covered most of it! Oh well; too late now.

Overall though, I’m excited to see how it comes out later today. Are you?

Oh, and now my resin is almost gone…learning. Oh, how wasteful you sometimes can be!


Other Thoughts

I had a headache, couldn’t figure out why I did (was it from not working on stuff, from the food I ate, or something else?). It wasn’t going away. I could barely watch Hurricane’s most recent video thanks to it. I really just wanted to snuggle him because that seemed to make me feel better. Of course, he was getting kind of upset because I seemed to be ignoring his video (but I wasn’t! The headache made it hard for me to concentrate).

Soon enough, the two of us went to bed and he told me since he was already feeling tickleish, I could tickle him.


I LOVE tickling him. Like, LOVE it. His reaction to tickling is just so unique and just so adorable and addicting. I love, love, LOVE it. I’m not gonna go any further though because he’ll probably already be annoyed I told you this much.

So, I tickled him and laughed SO hard, so many times. I felt like we might have been annoying the neighbours at some point, so I quieted us down…but my headache was gone.

All thanks to the laughter caused by tickling him.

It was wonderful.

So thank you, honey bee, for that. ❤︎

Overall though, decent day. I’m off now to continue my current day. Bye for now~!