[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Updates #5

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

Hey everyone, how are you guys doing today?

My day more or less started last night with a simple message to my honey bee: we are hanging out tomorrow.

I gave him no choice in the matter. I told him straight forward that we were going to spend time together! I had a plan up cooked up in my head in response to him missing our cat, who is currently stuck with my mom about two hours away. I wasn’t going to tell him about it though.

I spent that morning in an extremely good mood and high on energy, so much so to the point I couldn’t really sleep. I dozed off a few times, but just couldn’t fall asleep-asleep. As a result, I woke up tired, but happy! (Okay, I’m not as happy as I could be; I still have a huge clump of negative emotions inside of me and it’s not nice. I can’t seem to use them to push me forward quite yet!)

I soon picked up the pretty boy. I waited a bit longer for him than I really wanted to and felt like a creep just waiting near his door in my car, as cars went by me. He came out a good number of minutes later and asked where we were going. I refused to tell him. We headed back to where I’m living right now and instead of going towards my place, I turned in the opposite direction…to the mall.

He was really confused and asked what we were doing. He listed everything BUT the reason why I dragged him here, although he very quickly figured it out: I brought him to check on his application at Gamestop.

One of the employees a few days ago so kindly told us when the manager was going to be, which was today (well, yesterday at this point). I knew that if I told the pretty boy before hand about going to see the manager, he would have refused, so I made sure to avoid telling him until we got to the point where he really couldn’t back away.

When we walked in, the employee who told us saw us and smiled, asking if we needed any help. I tapped the pretty boy on his shoulder, noticing he wasn’t reacting. I called to him several times, just before looking over his shoulder: my mother had replied to a text he had sent her and he was reading it. Eventually he snapped back to reality and mentioned he was checking on the application. The manager said he would check back over his application and give him a call in about a week.

We left and went to Chipotle to eat, much to his protesting support for saving me money. I had some cash floating around from a fun fund/eating out fund I have in cash that I decided to use. So worth it!

After that, we headed back to where I’m living now to spend some quality time together. We snuggled a whole lot and laughed. He squeezed me A LOT today and each time was adorable. At some point I thought he was going a bit crazy, especially because he started to sound like Ezlo from his Minish Cap Abridged Let’s Play series, when he was hugging me. However, I still thought it was hilarious and nice. He dozed off at some point too, which was wonderful. I REALLY miss being able to lay next to him and snuggle up. I don’t like when my ear hurts though from leaning too much on him…

At some point, we headed to the living room to watch something on Netflix and eat the remainder of the cake I had. We ended up watching Kronk’s New Groove, the sequel to The Emperor’s New Groove. We both thought it was okay and enjoyed it, but were disappointed in several aspects. I know I thought the movie was kind of boring into the end. Granted…crossdressing happens and I rarely get bored of crossdressers, especially when it’s men doing the crossdressing.

As we watched the movie, we snuggled and kissed a lot. He eventually did my nails, which looks BEAUTIFUL because he’s surprisingly (?) great at that. I think he should do nails (and make up) for a living, but he denies it on the grounds that he’s “not gay” (even though straight guys can do nails and make up). Maybe I’ll take a picture of my nails at some point. He really does an amazing job!

Once we were done, we decided to head of Daniel’s house.

Oh geez.

Honey bee was worried about me ruining the nails, since I have a history of doing that. The last time he did my nails, I was ESPECIALLY bad. I think I ruined them like 3 or 4 times by accident. He was determined to make sure I didn’t ruin my nails this time around, so he kindly got me out of my pajamas and into my actual clothes, which was perhaps the most hilarious thing EVER. His facial expressions as he struggled to dress me brought me to tears! I had to direct him through the steps of my dressing routine. He found the first two the most difficult: putting on the binder and buttoning my jeans. His face was just…OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO FUNNY. SO. SO. SO. FUNNY. He was horrified by the binder and was afraid he was going to rip it (I don’t think he was going to and even if he did, it’s fine; I need a new binder anyway). For the jeans, when he went to button them, he made this face like “eeeerrrrrrrr, maybe you have to lose a bit of weight”. I eventually had to direct him to lift the jeans up a bit more to button them (I have really high hips). He got it, but still struggled a bit. Everything after that was pretty easy, but he kept harshly whispering about the nails. I had such a hard time not laughing. I hope to continue remembering this time!

So, we drove to Daniel’s, hung out there for about half an hour, and then I brought him home. I returned home and made some food, watched some YouTube videos, promptly got annoyed that I was watching YouTube videos, browsed some Facebook post and got annoyed I was doing that, read a tiny bit, and play Watch_Dogs on my PS4 for maybe an hour. I got killed once in the game after trying to go after a heavily armoured guy, only to successfully kill everyone by exploding stuff in my second round. It was pretty awesome.

…except I finished the mission and got a mission that involved driving in a car.

I don’t do cars in games unless it’s Mario Kart.

Okay, GTA isn’t that bad either. I started getting the hang of that. Except I can’t go fast.

This is a time when I wish honey bee was here next to me to do these parts I really have no patience to try. I love travelling, but not by car! (Same applies to real life, oh ho ho ho ho ho)

Now I’m back on my computer, typing this entry. I’m pretty tired right now, so I’m gonna head to bed. I’ll admit I am contemplating getting something to drink, but I think I’ll hold off on that. I’m going to go read some more and sleep.

Thanks for reading~!!!