[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Updates #16 & #17

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

These past two days have been unproductive. They’re not productive out of laziness, however, but rather tiredness. I genuinely want to do all I set out to do, but my body ends up begging me to sleep. I go to sleep and generally will sleep until my alarm goes off. I go to work, come home, and after a few minutes, my body wants to sleep. I go over to a friends house and I’m too tired to do anything fun, occasionally dozing off because I’m tired.

There’s numerous reasons as to why I may be tired. Perhaps I should ignore the tiredness and just do the work though — I’ve had occasions where that has woken me up and kept me awake for days on end, as well as extremely happy. I’ll start on that when I wake up later today, since I barely have slept over the day, which I’ll talk about in a moment.

I can’t remember much about two days ago, as usually. What I DO remember is that work went by surprisingly fast and there was a good amount of cashiers. One of the back-up CSMs also closed down a majority of the cash registers for me, so I actually managed to leave on time. I also got a bit in trouble because I told a customer that electronics was closed because there was nobody there. Oops. It wasn’t serious trouble or anything (not yet, anyway). I’ll know for next time not to do that.

I went grocery shopping after work, mainly because I wanted to get ingredients for this recipe. I also picked out several other things to make so I could eat for the next two weeks. I went to go pay, only to find out the card I put my food money onto wasn’t being accepted, so I had to pay with my regular debit card. I was confused why there wasn’t enough money on there, since I remember I had loaded a bunch and I was fairly certain I was under the amount on the card…only to have me check it and suddenly vaguely remember I bought a few more things. I decided I was going to pay back my debit card the next day with a nice mixture of my ibotta balance (which was going to go to my food card anyway) and the amount I needed to help it equal what I purchased off from my food card.

I went home with the intention to sleep right away. Hurricane and I were planning to drive to the town we used to live in and visit, as well as go to Papa Gino’s for All-You-Can-Eat and visit our cat, Pudding, who is currently staying with my mom.

I felt bad for not working on any of my projects, since I put it off again and I knew I wasn’t doing the amount I want to be doing and feel like I should be doing. I decided though that sleep should be a priority so we could take our trip.

…which, of course, I couldn’t do. I stayed up for HOURS before deciding, screw it, I’m getting on my dang computer and working on commissions!!! I had already wasted maybe a good two or three hours before I made that decision.

I worked on a commission to almost the point of completion, but decided to stop because I had to go get ready to go pick up the pretty boy. I got dressed, and left the house, first making a stop to Walmart.

I went in to take the balance off my food card (which, let me clarify: it’s a pre-paid card that I load money on, NOT a food stamp; I set it up to help me budget for groceries…I’m still learnin’), accidentally misguided the cashier through the steps, had it fixed, and then got the money taken off my card. I was surprised by the fee (it’s small, but still) for taking money out, but that’s okay. I placed the cash into my wallet and headed off to get the pretty boy.

While I was leaving, I realized that I really had to rethink my budgets and figure out ways to make some extra money to extend them. I think in some places, my budgets may be too high, while others are too low. I’m very new at this budgeting thing, so I expect I’ll get it sometime soon. Maybe I shouldn’t rethink my budgets and just keep them how they are, but I have to contemplate on that.

On the way to the pretty boy’s house, I was really excited about traffic being almost non-existent since it was super early in the morning…only to hit SUPER HEAVY traffic shortly after getting on the highway. As a result, it took me twice as long to get to his house. He texted me literally when I was parking near his house. He came out a few minutes later and we headed over to our friend’s house. Our friend was suppose to come with us, but couldn’t because of priorities.

We headed on our trip with just the two of us. We visited the mall in our old area and he saw some old friends. We also ate some ice cream, since both of our throats were sore. Afterward, we visited the old Walmart I went to. I was happy to see people and I genuinely miss it. I wish I could have said “hi” to my favourite managers, but nobody was in at that time.

After that, we headed to my mother’s workplace and talked to her for a while, before we went to go drive around to browse houses. Once we were done with that, we went to my mom’s place and hung out there, with me dozing off, until it hit 4 PM and we could go to Papa Gino’s.

We went to Papa Gino’s and EVERYBODY there remembered us and it was amazing. They could remember our exact orders! However, we threw them off with the All-You-Can-Eat orders. We started out with pasta and breadsticks, then moved onto pizza. Superly duperly awesome! My second round of cheese pizza had bread that tasted like a pretzel and I didn’t like it. It was pretty meh. I was full though by that point, so we left.

We went back to my mom’s place and crashed there for a bit, since I had to drive home and I had been up for over 24 hours (other than my doze off around like…3-something). Hurricane wanted to be super snuggly and lovey-dovey, which I LOVE to do with him, but I was super tired and cranky, so I didn’t really feel like making out right there.

Throughout our visit there, he had spent time with Pudding, our cat who ADORES him. Last time Pudding was being mean, but this time Pudding, was happier. It felt really complete with the three of us.

We eventually left, stop back at my place so Hurricane could try some of my no-bake cupcakes, then I drove him home, came back here, and wrote this entry. I really wanted to write this entry since I don’t want to go more than two days without a new entry!

I’m going to go to sleep now, but I have my decision made: starting from when I wake up, I will put my productivity to the max, regardless of how tired I am.

While I think Hurricane’s advice to me on the way home was important, where he told me to rest and not worry about my projects because my health is more important (he is such a sweetheart), I feel horrible I haven’t worked on anything. Especially because I genuinely want to work on everything I set out to do this month.

Let’s do this!