[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Updates #13

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

First day of my goal month and I am a FAILURE!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!

…I mean…boo hoo. I’m so sad. [read in a sarcastic voice]

No, seriously though, I technically failed. I had intended to work on my website today, some commissions, and the comic storyboard. I managed to ONLY do a commission and complete about a page of storyboard (which is basically 4 pages of the actual comic). I AM SUCH A FAILURE! *dramatic hand on forehead*

Actually though, to be fair, I DID work on my website a bit last month. Actually, I worked on Hurricane’s subsite a bit last month, so I have the basic layout for that. I just need to put in the content and tweak stuff.

So, with that…I guess I’m not really that behind though, now am I. [insert winky face right here]

Oh yeah, did I mention I actually completed the commission too? Yeah. I did that too.

I am oh-so-much a failure.

I feel like actually going back to the beginning of my day, where I woke up around 2 PM after going to sleep around 6 AM. I woke up, feeling like I slept quite well…except that I was still really tired and really wanted to go back to sleep. That’s okay though. I decided it was better to get up and write my awesome blog entry about my plans for this month.

When I got up, I made sure the blog entry was the first thing I was going to do. I opened up my web browser, as well as Clip Studio Paint. I began to doodle in Clip Studio Paint as my web browser loaded. I intended to have a new banner picture for my goal month plans.

The sketch I ended up with, more or less, before I began writing was:


Whaaaaat, me, DRAWING on the computer?! Yes, I do that sometimes. And for you guys who are like “whaaaat, I thought you always drew on the computer”…no…no I don’t. I USUALLY draw by paper, but sometimes when I feel like rushing through stuff, I draw on the computer. Like this.

I then wrote the blog entry and finished the image:

running copy

After that, I got ready for work and went to it.

Work was mostly boring. The manager actually told me not to be on a register. I really wanted to ask if he just wanted me to stay off the register and actually run the front end, since I usually feel like I’m being told to do the opposite. The day, overall, was busy, but boring. A bit bothered by being called a baby because of my age, since everyone is a “baby” in comparison to somebody older until there’s no one older than them, but it overall just feel like a type of ageism excuse of some sort, but I can’t quite pinpoint why that is right now.

I came home and made myself dinner. While I was waiting for my dinner to cook, I worked on the comic storyboard. There’s one page I don’t like the look of, but when I go to do it for the actual comic, I’ll fix it. It’s a bit hard right now with my brain not really working as much as it should be.

After that, I switched over to a commission. I finished it. Well, at least, I finished one version of it. I’ll be doing the second version after I finish another commission from the same set. I’m almost done with it! I’m EXCITED!!!

I probably would have done A LOT more if 1.) I didn’t have work a bit earlier today (I should REALLY be in bed right now) and 2.) if I didn’t get super distracted by music.

I’m not talking about listening to music either.

I’m talking about music I made. Specifically, this craptastic track:

I called it “T99 Ravey” as its temporary name.

It was a random song I made while using Synth1 and some soundbanks for it like…a month ago when I REALLY wanted to do some music. This is probably the first track I genuinely liked EVERYTHING about it.

Okay, okay, it’s REALLY short, but that’s okay!

I even thought up some lyrics for it. Well, almost. I kind of stopped because I couldn’t think up anything else, or rather, anything I wrote after these just didn’t work to me.

Here’s my terrible voice doing the lyrics and no, I didn’t mix because I don’t know how to do that and I’m too lazy and tired to learn it at this particular moment:

I have labelled this song, “Bad Song”.

If you can’t understand me, I’m saying:

Let’s go for a ride
I want you by my side
Trade my soul
For your kiss
These lips
You want this

Yeah, I really have no idea.

I sung the song in my Ash Ketchum voice too for the fun of it, so if you guys want to hear that, here it is:

It sure as heck brought a smile to MY face. I hope it does to yours too!

This is what distracted me.  Trying to come up with the lyrics for a tune I randomly made about a month ago.

I have numerous other tunes too that I have made, but nothing is as complete as this one is. Everything else are unfinished messes.

I really want to make music and I hope one day, I can start making tracks that sound amazing, like my beautiful honey bee.

So…yeah…that’s totally what distracted me.

Having work early today doesn’t really help either.

I need to go to sleep so I’m not completely dragging and so I can work on stuff tomorrow, since I have the day off the next day. Maybe I’ll be just a tiny bit more productive today.

Probably not.

I bet I’m going to lazy around more and sleep because MAN, I am still SO tired. SO, SO, SO tired.

Stuff and things.

Okay, good night.