[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Daily Updates #11 & #12

Warning: I most likely will not be editing these posts, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

Wow, I’m kind of slacking on these updates again, aren’t I? Some of it is just general laziness, while other parts are bad feelings creeping up on me. It’s now August 1st though, so there’s a lot to look forward to! However, let’s start with my day for the past two days.

July 30th

Man, one of the problems with writing these entries a day or two after they happen is that I generally can’t remember everything I did that day. I can’t remember what time I woke up. I can’t really remember what I did before work. I probably played some more of 3DS, but I’m not too sure.

I do remember what happened when I headed to work though. I kept thinking I should leave at 5 or shortly after to beat traffic so I could be to work on time at 6. However, I didn’t; I left sometime after 5:20. Even then, I thought I would be okay. There was one strip I was pretty sure was going to be backed up like last time, but that was all. Just one strip.

Of course, I got smacked in the face for my assumption. Nearly every traffic light was backed up. My blood very quickly ran cold as I watched the clock tick by. I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to make it to work within the allowed time limit not to be tardy. I could already tell I was not making it for 6.

I took the stopped traffic to quickly report that I was going to be tardy. I really wish “traffic” was one of the reasons to be late, especially if there’s some unexpected traffic from wherever you’re coming from. It could be unexpected to the point where even if you expected unexpected traffic, that traffic could take longer than you would have anticipated.

Yeeeaaah, that may have not made sense.

When I got to work, I walked over to the computer at the service desk to clock in immediately. However, the computer was frozen.

Ha. ha. ha…

…after the traffic I hit and the frozen computer, I should have been able to tell how the rest of the night was like.

I ended up clocking in the back, ONE MINUTE before the time window shut for me to clock in and not be officially late.

I headed back up front and attempted to get settled in, checking to see who was down in Lawn & Garden and attempting to direct lines. As I was doing this, I very quickly noticed something wrong with my schedule of cashiers for that night. The only two I had up front who were actually cashiers left at 7 PM. The store doesn’t close until 10! UNTIL 10!!!

I tried to hunt down the assistant manager so I could discuss the issue with her, but I couldn’t locate her. I headed back to the front, trying to figure out what to do about my glaring lack of cashiers within the next half hour while attempting to jump on a register too (because at this store, you drive a car without your hands on the steering wheel, if you get what I mean). The second I flicked on the light, the manager came up front and I told her about the two people leaving at 7.

She told me I would have two people from the sales floor and one of them was currently on lunch. I was attempting to confirm the two people she gave me the names of with her, but she cut me off, assuming I was trying to ask her about the two people who called out (which I was aware of; I had briefly mentioned it to confirm it earlier in our quick conversation). I really didn’t like that. I wish I had said “I didn’t finish —” and then repeated the names of the two people.

One of the people I thought I would have all night had to go to lunch and when I asked the Assistant Manager, just confirming that they were one of the people, they were like “only if you need them!” and then when I asked AGAIN who they were (saying the name of the one person who was already on lunch), she pointed out to the same person…so I have no idea.

The manager did end up closing down Lawn & Garden and pulling those associates up front to ring. She had me jump on a register at one point, probably because I stood there looking confused, while inside my mind I was attempting to remember what I did when I had no cashiers until closing at my previous store. I kind of thought about that off and on all night and the only thing I really remember is occasionally jumping on that last hour because the last cashier left.

I mostly stayed on the register all night. I was really annoyed that the manager took the palm pilot and didn’t stay up front. I know it’s pretty typical of that store, but have the person watching the front end do everything but watch the front end is what prompts the whole “where is the CSM” confusion and delays things from being taken care of.

It’s so awful.

And to be honest, I don’t like the front end manager. She’s too aggressive for my taste. But oh well.

Anyway, I eventually got the palm pilot back.

I also found out I actually HAD a cashier until ten! He was pretty new though and had to get his numbers that day.


What else?

Oh, I closed down a majority of the registers early. That was awesome. I also was hoping to be out on time, but I had gotten stuck at the service desk and then I had to guide the new cashier through the credit card application process. I don’t mind doing those, but I really wanted to get out on time.

I got out about a half hour later than I was suppose to. That’s pretty typical of the position though.

I also got in trouble too for a couple mistakes I made at the register, primarily because I just didn’t know.

I went home that night feeling down from getting in trouble. I tried to stay positive, but it was kind of hard, especially because I’m not yet out of that depression danger zone just yet. I’m getting there, but I’m SO at risk of falling back down into it. One wrong move and BOOM BOOM CRASH into the bottom of the depression pit! Not fun!

Some of my commission clients did cheer me up though by talking to me about awesome stuff. Thank you, you guys!

I think I may have also played some more 3DS too. I know I definitely read some books. They’re more spiritual ones, so I’m partially reading them for my own development, curiosity, inspiration (stories you guys, STORIES), education, and understanding. I shouldn’t really judge things until I fully understand them.

I ended up staying up until 6 AM.

The previous night, I had agreed to spend time with Hurricane before work for July 31st. I was excited and I know he was super excited.

July 31st

I forced myself to go to sleep, even though I honestly wanted to keep on reading. There’s just so many curious things to fill my head with and draw inspiration from in so many ways!

I ended up sleeping on a measly 3 hours (give or take a half hour) before my alarm went blasting off for me to wake up. I breathed an annoyed sigh, knowing I was tired. I decided I wanted to sleep for a bit longer, so I waited until ten. I hit the snooze button again, thinking about how I should really text Hurricane, asking if he REALLY wants to hang out today.

Only a minute or two later, Hurricane texts me, asking me to come over and pick him up. I let out a sigh, acknowledging that, yep, he definitely still wants to hang out.

It’s not that I didn’t want to hang out, but rather that I was super tired. Like, almost too tired to hang out. But oh well — I said we would hang out, so hang out we shall do!

I drove to his house and back to mine, super surprised about how much traffic was on the road for it being like…noon. I don’t know why. I mean, I guess lunch time would be full of traffic, but still. Okay, do you know what, it wasn’t even noon. It was like…11:34 or something. A good amount of time before noon.

When we came to the house, we snuggled, made out, and really didn’t want to let each other go. However, I had numerous errands I wanted to run that day, including buying him some new socks because I accidentally took almost all of his (oops). We went out to Walmart, then we ate Chipotle. I also attempted to find a book in Barnes & Noble to read for my business, but I failed to find it even after asking.

It became late very quickly and I knew we had to leave by 3 PM (give or take maybe…2 or 3 minutes) if I wanted to be back in time to change for work and beat the traffic going to work. Hurricane had to go grab my Xbox power adapter, since he doesn’t know where his is and I never use Xbox, while I waited anxiously for him to come back. Once he came back down, we sat around, myself getting increasingly more tense.

I know he really didn’t want to go back to his place, so I’m sure he was procrastinating in that aspect. However, I had to be insistent — I needed to make sure I was back in time for work. I could already tell I was cutting it close, if not already off.

He agreed to go a few minutes later. I suggested to him to see if he can hang out with our friend, who said it was fine. So I drove him to our friends house and attempted to head back home to change.

As I was driving and watching the numbers on the digital clock of my car’s dashboard get closer and closer to my danger point of being extremely late, I became nervous and anxious. A part of me felt REALLY BAD because I actually felt pretty excited to go to work today and REALLY wanted to. However, another part of me also admitted that Walmart isn’t as important to me as everything else in my life. I could already hear people trying to shout the “MONEY” argument at me, but to that I say: biznitch, I can easily make $10 to $20 an hour doing something that takes me 3 to 10 hours to do! In fact, I already do! So, shush!

I debated while watching the clock: do I report another tardy, that will end up as an absence, OR do I just call out and make it an absence?

I spent a while debating this. Between the coaching and actually being excited to go to work, I really wanted to go and just put in for tardy. I still wanted to show up. Get that money.

However, another part of me was like…you know, calling in tardy for a second day in a row will end up being counted as an absence. You’re already tired, you’re going to be SUPER LATE to work at this rate, and it’s probably not really worth going into anyway.

When it hit well past 5, I knew I was screwed, so I ended up calling out. I decided to reroute my GPS (which was set to home) to Historic Salem. I’ve been meaning to pick up some awesome soaps from one of their shops.

As I was driving to Historic Salem, I very quickly recognized the area I was driving through — it was on the same path to my workplace! If I had my work clothes with me, I would have so gone in! However, they were hanging in my room, so it wasn’t really any use. I made a note of not only the exit, but if I EVER decide to spent time with honey bee before work, just wear my work clothes (or alternately, don’t hang out with him on days I have work)! I would have made it on time if I did! So, lessons learned!

I still drove to Historic Salem, using less gas than I normally would (yaaaay, especially because driving to see honey bee takes out a good chunk of my gas) since it was all the back roads. No highways whatsoever. It was awesome!

I arrived there, feeling a great swelling in my heart! I thought I wouldn’t go back to Salem for quite a while.

I actually tried to go to the bank first to take out my rent money, but it was closed by the time I got there (which is to be expected; it’s fine though, since I can just write a check). I headed across the street to one of the shops and immediately picked up some of their soaps. There’s one called…I think it’s called “Job Mojo”. It’s blue and yellow and it smells AMAZING. It has a lemon scent. SO GOOD. SO, SO, SO GOOD. Sorry, haha.

I went off to another store after that to pick up a spray I’ve been having in my head for quite a while and another soap.

I also checked one of the bookstores for the book I was looking for, but to not avail.

I checked in on my job application too, but they just seemed kind of confused…but oh well. That’s okay.

I left shortly after and decided to check out some bookstores to see if I could find that book. I had some time to kill. I drove around, wasting my gas, checking bookstores. Lovely, lovely, lovely bookstores.

While I was driving around, I found out that Hurricane and our friend were at another bookstore…a bookstore that was next on my list! I told them to wait half an hour for me and I drove there. My GPS actually took me to the wrong place (it claimed Barnes & Noble was going to be on my right, but there was just trees), so I had pulled into a parking lot of some really nice looking plaza and found the right address.

When I arrived there, I actually couldn’t figure out how to get in, so I ended up struggling to find how to get to the Barnes & Noble parking lot, went around kind of in a loop, and eventually went in. It was AWESOME! I don’t think I’ve been to too many Barnes & Noble with two floors. It sure as HECK made me happy to see such a bookstore, let alone with a TON OF BOOKS (to be expected of a bookstore though, huh?).

Hurricane and our friend were waiting at the front entrance for me. Hurricane kept begging me for my keys so he could go charge his dead phone, but I told him no — I needed my wallet (it’s attached to my keys). He wasn’t too happy.

We went upstairs and our friend and I were pretty much geeking out over manga. Hurricane, on the other hand, kept begging for us to leave. He had enough of the bookstore, which they had only gone to, to watch the blue moon rise (which looks BEAUTIFUL, by the way). I didn’t though. I LOVE books!

He eventually ran off and our friend and I had to hunt him down. Our friend found him first and brought him to me. Hurricane was pretending to be mad at us taking so long.

Our friend and I went up to the register and paid for our books (…I have a spending problem…at least…I only got 4 books and not 10?) and left to go over the friends house.

We didn’t really do much when we got to the friends house. I was mostly sad because of my decision about work for today. I really should have gone in, but I guess in a way I’m ashamed that I didn’t give myself more time in the traffic I knew would be coming. Hurricane picked up on it. We talked a bit about it and he attempted to cheer me up. I drove him home afterward and said good-bye, feeling a bit down because he wouldn’t give me a kiss good-bye because we were close to his house with his crazy parents. Which is exactly why I don’t like spending time over his house — I want to be able to snuggle and kiss him without him resisting because of OTHER people!

I came home, sat down at my computer, and…I don’t think I really did anything. I mostly put my new books into my spreadsheets. I should probably upload my receipts at some point too.

I heated up some chili for dinner, which tasted amazing and now I think I want to make another batch of chili. I also things and stuff and things…

…I mean, I watched a YouTube video and then decided to work on this blog entry because I haven’t written one for the past day or so.

…what was that buzzing sound from my phone? I’ll check it in a moment.

I’m currently quite tired. I’m pretty sure I’m going to read before I go to sleep. I’m actually excited about reading, ignoring the fact I’m reading probably too many books at once, har har har.

And now it’s August 1st, so when I actually wake up later today, I get to begin on my themed month: Artwork & Website! EEEE!!! I’m EXCITED! Let me do some AWESOME, COOL THINGS THIS MONTH, okay me?


I’ll write more later! Maybe I’ll wake up early enough to write a blog entry clearly defining my goals of the month.