Night Interrupted

I am a night owl. I prefer the night of the day. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s that the night feels overall less hectic and many people are asleep. Or maybe it’s something else.

Either way, I prefer the night over day.

That being said, I actually hate the hours between 8 PM to 1 AM simply because I don’t know when everyone in the house is going to sleep. This probably shouldn’t bother me too much, but it does.

I love to do my work uninterrupted. I like to listen to music or have some video (usually a TV show) playing in the background with my headphones on so I can be completely immersed in what I’m doing. The only thing that I should be hearing is the fire alarm going off because there’s a fire somewhere, if there ever is (which I hope not). Not my younger sister banging on my door and calling my name a few times to ask me to hang out with her because she bored. Not my mom banging on my door ten times and yelling for me because she needs to ask me where I put an item, which was right where it should’ve been. I shouldn’t have to be afraid that I’ll be so immersed in working, that my mother will sneak up behind me from my other doorway because I wasn’t replying back to her.

I hate not having my headphones on when I’m working because I feel like I’m disturbing the rest of the house. I get annoyed when everybody else doesn’t use their headphones when they’re listening to their music, so I use mine as they’re not using theirs.

I don’t want to be interrupted while I work, whether it be cleaning my room, working on a picture, or writing a story.

Night time is the time for me to work on my works uninterrupted. With these particular hours, I might get interrupted. I get scared. It’s not pleasant.