Meloetta’s Dance

So, last night, I watched both Meloetta no Kirakira Recital and Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade. One’s the Japanese version of the Pikachu short and the other one is the English version. Both in their own right were decent – the storyline itself is really boring, especially when I compare it to other Pikachu shorts. Rather than talking about the Pikachu short itself, I would actually like to focus on the ending.

You know, the one where Meloetta dances and at some point, Bulbasaur, Croagunk, Charmander, Jigglypuff, and Pikachu as well. The English version uses a generic (albeit really good) trance track with vocals and lyrics that immediately remind me of Kiki & Fancy songs, like “Roly Poly Rock” – childish, energetic, and fun. The timing with Meloetta’s dancing is actually pretty good and the part with the 5 seemingly random Pokémon is fantastic too!

But why did the choreography seem a bit…strange in places?

And why the heck wasn’t Pikachu in the middle when those five Pokémon danced?

And why was Croagunk there? Especially since the rest of the Pokémon are all generation one.

Well, the answer itself lies in the Japanese version!

The Japanese version used a cutesy song called “Mite Mite☆Kocchicchi” (mee-teh mee-teh koh-chee-chee) or “Look Look☆Here-ere!” by teenage Japanese pop group, Momoiro Clover Z. If the song had been short-exclusive, the contents of the ending theme probably could be easily dismissed as random dancing. However, it isn’t – it was used as the anime’s ending theme in Japan from episode 79 of the Unova saga and was being used during the time of the movie. The choreography Meloetta dances is the same one as the main series ending theme!

Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 ED – Mite Mite… by Anime_Musix

Which, in turn, is also more or less the same choreography that Momoiro Clover Z uses!

So, in Japan, the dance Meloetta is doing is a choreographed one that goes to a song, not some random movements that they could be easily dismissed as (though, it would seem strange, since the dance seems more together than the sometimes generic dance movements anime shows us).

The Momoiro Clover Z choreography video is also where we get “Charmander in the middle” and “Croagunk”. The reason why they’re dressed up as those Pokémon is unknown to me (though, taking a wild guess, it’s probably their favourite Pokémon). It just explains the set up in the actual ending.

To sum up this post:
– The dance Meloetta is dancing is actual choreography and not some random movements
– The dance is to a song called “Mite Mite☆Kocchicchi”
– “Mite Mite☆Kocchicchi” was used as an ending theme for the anime for a while
– The artists of the song, Momoiro Clover Z, dressed up as Pokémon and the Pokémon they chose is reflected in a particular part of the short’s ending

I’m not saying to go and watch the Japanese version or something like that. I’m just bringing you a bit of information you may have not already known!

Here, have a bonus video of the full Meloetta dance~!