Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ – Update 1

All throughout National Novel Writing Month, I gave you all updates on the progress of the novel I was writing, called Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~. Of course, November ended and I stopped writing, even though I wasn’t finished. I didn’t stop writing because I was out of ideas or didn’t know where it was going, but rather that I needed a well deserved break for at least a month.

During December, I mainly focused on my fanfiction/TV series rewrite, Kelly’s Journey: Pokémon with a Twist. I fought back myself a few times during that month, wanting to work on Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ because I wanted to finish it. I never finished any writing in my life except for short stories (and I guess some chapters too of books and fanfictions, BUT the stories themselves never were complete). I know if I finish it, it’ll break me through. Maybe. As in I will no longer be afraid to write a book from start to finish and I’ll work my way through it.

So why did I call this post “Update 1″ if I had already updated you during NaNoWriMo?

Well, for that exact reason – I updated you through NaNoWriMo, not the story as one I was doing not in NaNoWriMo. I may have started it and hit about the halfway point in the story during NaNoWriMo, but I didn’t finish it.

Therefore I’m starting these updates relatively fresh. Refer to the NaNoWriMo post for past updates, since this starts where I left off.

I picked up where the Fashion Show had left off, quickly zooming through it. Well, almost zooming through it. I was just sick of the fashion show part, so I was like “Okay, let’s get this done already, have Chris pose, and all that good stuff”. There was a bit of an aggressive Alex moment before they left, but that was it.

They had a good two weeks of “sexy time” before Alex told Chris they shouldn’t see each other until after midterms so they could study. Of course, Chris got around that by asking if they could study together.

…Then.When the time came for them to study together. Chris met…BETH. Beth, Alex’s older sister who doesn’t listen. Oh, lovely.

Though, Chris is now being forced to grow his hair out (which is fantastic for me because it’ll make it easier for me to draw him)

And that’s really all I got.

Hopefully this novel will be done by the end of the month. I really do. Not publishing it though unless my friends are like “WOW. THIS IS REALLY GOOD.”

I just need to stop procrastinating. There’s so many distractions…