Learning Japanese Makes My Heart Go ドキドキ With Happiness

So, I failed myself. I should have been beginning lesson 8 starting yesterday, but the week I was retaking notes on lessons 3 to 6, shiz happened. I went into a spiral of depression, which to be honest, is still here, but less intense. With lack of motivation to study Japanese, I moved onto doing artwork I owed people. I decided that for this week, I would start my Japanese studies again, finishing up the notes for lessons 5 and 6 this week, starting lesson 7 next week.

Because otherworldly things seem to hate me, I won’t be surprised if this week doesn’t go as planned. As of right now, it is. I’m going to hope it STAYS that way, but who knows. It actually would be REALLY nice to start one lesson 7 at the end of this week, but I think I’m gonna restrain myself. This week will only be lessons 5 and 6. And review. Not that hard, but if things go like two weeks ago, I am screwed.

I finished taking my notes on lesson 5. As I finished it, with my cramped hand, a felt some sort of happiness overcome me. A sense of excitement. I was, once again, reminded on how much I love to study Japanese. There’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment that follows it. It’s something that keeps me moderately happy without much effort. It’s also something that is rather separate from the other “creative” things I normally do. I guess in a way, it relaxes me.

Sorry for the rather unproductive, rather uninformative post. Hopefully I’ll have a better one next time.

Maybe I should start making posts about grammar?