KJ Month – End – And Happy New Year!

So the month of Kelly’s Journey ended in what I call a success. I completed episode 13 on the final day of 2010, a few hours before midnight, including editing. It has been my longest episode for Kelly’s Journey yet, with 37 pages of the actual story and another page and 1/5 of Author’s Notes (or rather, Author’s Rambles). I didn’t have a chance to post it up on deviantART yet, but it is posted up on the Kelly’s Journey website for direct download. It’s the first fanfiction episode of Kelly’s Journey and I would like to think it was a success. Especially since I managed to finish it.

Of course, that month is done and we’re onto the new year of 2011. Happy New Year to everyone reading this – I hope this one will be far better than the last. 2008 was great for me until the very end, 2009 sucked, 2010 sucked until the end, so I am hopping the end of 2010 carries into 2011.

With January 1st upon us, it’s the perfect time to start new things and refresh ourselves. Get rid of the bad and bring in the good. For me, it’s also the beginning of new projects.

I am going to make 2011 the year of writing for me. I want to write so badly. You may not even know. Of course, I don’t want to neglect other things I need work on, most notably my artworks and my Japanese.

I hope everyone is looking forward to 2011, for yourselves, for me, and for everyone. I know I sure am!

I will write a huge load of short stories this year. Hopefully for the first 8 months.

I will write at least up to Kelly’s Journey episode 16. I will stretch that to episode 20. Let’s see if I can get there. Not only episode 20, but up to anime episode 20 – which is episode 24 for KJ. Wait, I don’t like the number 24. I like the number 25, so let’s go with that.

I will finish writing Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~. I need to finish a novel for once.

I want to write some “Pre-KJ” stories as well, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to that. It’s an idea that doesn’t really need to be done, but I want to get done.

Anyway, I hope you and I both have a fantastic year! Please let 2011 AND 2012 be full of awesomeness.

~ Kelly