KJ Month – Day 4 & 5

Nothing much really happened. I mean, come on – how much can you really do when all you’re doing is editing previous chapters you’ve written?

Day 4 saw episodes 5 to 7 uploaded on the KJ website. I began editing episode 8, but I quickly became bored with it, so I procrastinated. Considering I was editing these episodes so they wouldn’t be so full of errors and to correct things I had decided to change, I wasn’t skipping over the episode.

Episode 8 was uploaded on Day 6, which you’ll hear about…probably tomorrow or something.

I’m definitely looking forward to finishing up these episodes so I can begin on episode 13! I also really hope I get into a drawing mood really, really soon, since there’s a ton of pictures I want to draw, but I don’t feel like it. I pick up a pencil and start doodling on a piece of paper and quickly give up…OTL

I need it to kick in soon! I need to draw those pictures I said I would do forever ago! And Christmas gift pictures. For select people. Of course, that has nothing to do with this, so yeah.

Erm…go check the KJ website and the Direct Downloads for the updated episodes! Thanks for reading!