KJ Month – Day 3

Day 3 was fantastic! Episodes 1 to 4 were completely edited! Most of them had some rewrites and added parts into them, so you may want to go check them out. Episode 1′s new version was also posted up onto deviantART for reading pleasure.

Though, it would probably just be easier at this point to go to the KJ website and read the newer versions of episodes 1 to 5.

Episode 1 probably had the most changes done to it. But hey, it was the first episode after all. Episode 3 had a few scenes rewritten.

So yeah.

Go check it out if you haven’t already? ;D

Episode 5 was actually edited today, Day 4, but since it’s so early, I’ll just pretend it was day 3. >_> Either way, it’s still up.

It made me love Mistico’s character and made me realize that Daisy is that shipper that will take everything two characters do to each other as a hint.

You know, some ridiculous things like the two characters look at each other and give a smile. Then the shipper is all like “HINT! HINT! HINT!”. Or, heck, the characters just look at each other for a brief moment and the shippers think it’s a hint. When really, it wasn’t one. They’re friends, what do you expect?

SO YEAH. I’m gonna go now. Look for more updates tomorrow~