[KELLY’S JOURNEY | RAMBLES] Kelly’s Journey – 2015 Plan

I meant to write this at the beginning of this year (maybe like two weeks into January), but noooope. I didn’t. At least I’m writing it now, right?


I want to let all the Kelly’s Journey readers know what exactly I am planning with the series. I know I posted absolutely nothing last year and I’m expecting this year to be the same in terms of posting…but a bit different in the background. I’m going to direct you guys to the 2014 Kelly’s Journey post since that one gives a REALLY good idea of the kind of things I want to do in general for the series. Come back to this post after you read it.

Episode Plans

New Episodes

I am going to complete episodes 24 through 30 this year. I wanted to get to 30 last year, but I managed to get about halfway through the episodes (episodes 19 through 23 are completed). I’m actually pretty pleased with myself for managing to even get to half last year and I’m quite thankful for it.

During episode 25 and, maybe, episode 26, I’m going to time myself to see how long it takes me in minutes/hours to complete a chapter and adjust my schedule accordingly. I REALLY want to be done with episodes 24 through 30 before the end of June. That way I can focus on the second half of the episode plan — the rewrites & edits.


When I wrote the episode 1 of the current version of Kelly’s Journey in 2006/2007 (not really sure which year), I vowed I wouldn’t rewrite the series again. I had to write it so I wouldn’t go back to rewrite it once more from scratch. I had to write it so I could move forward for once in the history of the series.

It sounds a lot like I’m breaking that promise now, which I sort of am…but sort of not. Mostly not.

The second half of this year is going to be dedicated to the updated version of the earlier Kelly’s Journey episodes and editing the most recent ones.

The updated versions of the older episodes should be thought of as “HD” versions of them with “cut” scenes (a.k.a. I forgot to write them in the first time around, oops) in them. They should be easier to read than the current versions that are up and have just a tiny bit more details that should paint the world of Kelly’s Journey just a bit more (or a lot more) than the original.

I was inspired to rewrite it when I was rereading the chapters for the website update. Episodes 1 and 2 weren’t too bad, although I know from the more recent episodes, I could write much better (granted the more recent episodes are from after 2010 and episodes 1 & 2 are from like, 2006/2007…). It was episode 3 that was so painful for me to get through, I figured if I didn’t like it, then more people probably didn’t either. Soooo, I decided…REWRITE.

Episode 18 also fueled me into rewriting the earlier episodes too, but I’ll get into that at a later date.


Just like last year, expect NO POSTING OF A KELLY’S JOURNEY EPISODE.

I will be posting the series in 2016. This will happen regardless if I manage to finish the rewrites or not.

Assuming the rewrites & edits are completed:
– the rewrites and edited episodes up to episode 16 will be posted immediately on the Kelly’s Journey website
– the rewrites and edited episodes up to episode 16 will be gradually posted on deviantART every two weeks
– the older versions of the episodes will be ARCHIVED; they will be moved to the archive section of the Kelly’s Journey website (entitled “Past Versions”) and will be moved into a special folder on deviantART
– episodes 17 and 18 will appear on the Kelly’s Journey website FIRST; they will be posted on deviantART one month apart from each other (i.e. episode 17 will appear one month, episode 18 the next)
– episodes on the website will be one ahead of the posts on deviantART (episode 19 on website, episode 18 on deviantART; episode 20 on website, episode 19 on deviantART, etc.)

I think my plan to drive more traffic to the website is obvious, haha.


Website Plans

I was going to work on the website originally during my first phase, but I have decided it’s better for Phase 2. I will be working on the website starting in Late Summer/Early or Mid-Fall. Much like the rest of my website, it should be a one-stop place for it’s topic: Kelly’s Journey.

The About pages will contain some general information about the website (what it’s about/who it’s by/etc.), as well as the history of Kelly’s Journey and a FAQ answering the questions I wish I didn’t get so often (“Is Kelly you?” (Answer: NO.)).

The Characters page will have short summaries of all the main/reoccurring characters in the series, along with the option to view extended information about the characters that may contain spoilers (don’t worry — I’m going to be warning you about all the spoiler sections before you read them for those who don’t want to be). Extended information includes current & previous Pokémon party information, personality, birth dates, and some character history that may show up at some point during the actual series.

The Story page will lead you to the rest of the pages: the episodes of the journey itself, a summary list of the events so far, notes for the series that I didn’t really know where else to put them, an archive for the previous versions, and a page for pre-Kelly’s Journey stories. The episodes page will include various ways to view/download the episode, as well as comics that come in-between the episodes (if applicable). The summary and the notes are probably more or less what you think they are. The archive will contain ALL the older versions of the episodes that had drastic changes somewhere in them, the radioplay scripts, and even some old comics! The pre-Kelly’s Journey stories is an awesome one — it’s similar to the episodes page, where it contains stories. However, it focuses on everything that happened to select characters (primarily Kelly) before episode 1 of Kelly’s Journey! It’s a pretty exciting addition to me and I hope you guys will enjoy it too! <3

The last pages is Extras, which will include exclusive goodies not found anywhere else on my website (pretty much wallpapers). It will also contain comics that don’t really bridge any particular episodes, but still occur in the series. It may also contain comics that don’t actually occur ever in the series, but I thought would be awesome anyway.

So, all of that stuff should be much later this year.

Everything Else

I have a few Kelly’s Journey comics planned, including a redo of the one that bridges episodes 14 & 15 together. That one was meant to be an announcement for the episode being posted soonish, so I want to redo it so it’s not so…announcement-y (a.k.a. Mistico not breaking the fourth wall).

I don’t plan on doing the pre-Kelly’s Journey stories until sometime next year. I’m going to focus primarily on Kelly and Mistico, who I feel have some pretty interesting things to tell from their end. I expect Mistico’s to be more interesting than Kelly’s though. I think the stories will be awesome for people who want more content from the series, but aren’t getting it at a quick enough pace. I also like the idea of mentioning an event in Kelly’s Journey and being able to read the entire story of what happened. So awesome!

I actually really want to do a bookplay (audiobook + radioplay) too for the series, but I’m currently debating on how to go about it. I’m going to record two different versions of episode 1 and let you guys decide. More on that later though once I have more details.

I think that’s pretty much it.

2016 and Beyond…

Let’s not get too far ahead now!

I know it’s early, but for 2016, simply trying to get up to episode 40 is on the top of my list. Episode 40 is a huge milestone to me and I plan on doing something special to celebrate getting there.

In 2016, I also plan on getting the pre-Kelly’s Journey stories underway. Not really sure what the series will be called yet, but I know the stories will at least have ones featuring Kelly and ones featuring Mistico. I’m hoping to write four or five of them that year.

I also, as I mentioned earlier, plan on posting Kelly’s Journey once again in 2016.

Beyond that though…2017 is going to be a BIG year for me! I can feel it! I don’t know why it’s a big year, but it’s gonna be a BIG year! I’m excited for it.

Anyway, I hope you guys are liking the up and coming! Feel free to leave a comment. It would be appreciated!