Hey, you guys. What’s up?

When I started this year, I was a different person in my mind. I still had this idea of strongly maintaining my fan projects, alongside my original projects. As the year went on, it became apparent to me that my goals had been shaken up by my trips to conventions and a desire to do more related to what I want to produce and sell. Which aren’t fan projects, but rather original works.

I was aiming for Kelly’s Journey to have complete episodes up to 30 written by the end of the year, I was going to work on comics next year, and I was going to put them all out on April 1st, 2017 — the day to celebrate the anime’s first episode.

However, I decided not to do that.

Now, don’t worry!!! Kelly’s Journey isn’t Everybody Loves Ashley, which I dropped out of no interest. I still love KJ and I still want to write it. However, I know in my mind and in my heart, right now is not the time to focus on it. I have repeatedly felt over this year to drop KJ. I could tell it wasn’t a permanent drop, like ELA, but a temporary one. This does bring another year of disappointments to me. It has already been 3 years since I last posted a KJ episode, even though I have been gradually writing them since my last posting.

This decision comes from a raging fire inside of me to get my original works to the places I want and need them to get. I hate to put such a limit on myself, but unless I feel the time is right beforehand, I would like to get into enough of a habit with my original works so my fan works can also wedge themselves in between as a type of hobby.

And unfortunately, for me, right now is not the time to work on my hobbies. I still have commissions to complete that linger in the background that I often forget about because I closed down commissions in August. I have websites for three of my worlds (I have more than that) so far and almost no content. I’m about to head to a convention in January and I have none of the stuff I would like to do completed or even thought out yet. I have a goal that I want executed by the summer for another convention in July. I’m still hoping to squeeze Japanese into my schedule since it’s so left-brained, but KJ is going to have to wait.

KJ is a project that does take a lot of time and effort, which currently has to go with my original content.

I am also in debate as well as to where I will be posting the series — do I just post it exclusively to the KJ club on dA and its very specific spot on my website, until the day my original works are big enough for me to remove it without much of a worry? Or do I continue posting on dA as I normally do, since it IS a project that means A LOT to me.

I hope for fans of the series, this is okay. I’m hoping this is not a disappointment. I’m disappointed a bit in myself, but I know it’s important to me to complete.

Who knows though — I keep getting this horribly naggy feeling to work on my Fairolk 1-Panel comics, which has happened all month long. Once I satisfy it, I could always end up switching gears to KJ and Japanese! That would be kind of awesome, although…I still have SO much more to do.

Thank you for your time.