[KELLY’S JOURNEY] 2014 Goals for Kelly’s Journey

I have already decided that Kelly’s Journey will be my big project of the year. It’s arguably bigger than Japanese and my website, as both of those things are tasks I thought would take me half a year at most (ignoring that they’re proving to take much longer). Kelly’s Journey on the other hand, I’m planning on doing ALL year long, minus the two NaNoWriMo months. I’m excited about this, but also a bit worried about this: will I get sick of the series? Or no, will I grow to love it more? I think I’m a bit worried too about how much more of actual Pokémon I’ll have to consume for it (I’ll end up having to watch more episodes than I usually do). I suppose these are silly worries though. I should be more worried whether or not I actually make the effort or not to do the series in the first place. I think everybody’s waited long enough, including myself, Kelly, and the readers.

My overall aim for Kelly’s Journey this year is to get at least 10 episodes ahead, do my early episode rewrites, and AT LEAST start on the comics that go in between some of the chapters. I’m currently on episode 19 for the actual series, so that means I would hope to get to episode 29 by the end of it. Not going to lie – I’m hoping to get even further ahead than that, but only time will tell.


Of course, I have some ideals with working on Kelly’s Journey this year too, some that might seem a bit ridiculous. Maybe.

If I could go with my ideal Kelly’s Journey year, I would write one episode a week. This would give me 44 (!!!) new episodes. I would push for twice that (the Indigo League saga would be finished then), but I think that would be too much. The total episode count for Kelly’s Journey then would be brought up to 63.

Alongside the new episodes, I would be rewriting earlier episodes (up to what point, I’ll have to see). These rewrites aren’t completely scrapping the material from the original episodes, much like the earlier rewrites I have done, but rather are using the original episodes as a basis and building them up with more details. They’re surprisingly fast to write once I get into a groove.

Once these rewrites are completed, I plan on working on a pre-Kelly’s Journey series that involves everything that happens before the first Kelly’s Journey episode. This is partially to flesh out the characters, but partially to understand them better as well. I have found if I write characters enough their personalities eventually break through. The pre-KJ episodes won’t just be of Kelly, but other characters too, such as her parents and Mistico. These pre-KJ episodes will ONLY be available on the KJ website, which will make it your choice if you want to go read it before the information shows up in the main story or not. If you’re lacking Kelly’s Journey in your life, it might be worth reading.

I have a few comics planned for the series that need to be drawn and coloured. I hope to redo the between episodes 14 & 15 one with a different ending (no fourth wall breaking), one that comes between 17 & 18, then I have one that comes after…I think it’s episode 21, maybe after episode 22. If anymore comics pop up, I’ll work on those too. I’ll be dividing up the workload though, unlike I did before. I’ll probably only do two pages at a time. I have a nice pre-KJ episode 1 comic I would like to do too.

Once the rewrites of the earlier episodes are ready to be posted, I will begin to work on the Kelly’s Journey subsite, which is the only main-ish part (not a main-main site, but it still is majour part of my Creative Works network) of my website that I’m not launching right away. I have some nice plans for it, which will take a while, but I’m looking forward to it. After the website is relaunched, I will be posting the new episodes on there first, then on the deviantART later. If you can’t wait, you can go to the website. If you CAN wait, just go onto deviantART.

Going Too Far & Collaboration

I’m considering doing a radioplay/audiobook (bookplay?) of Kelly’s Journey too for the lazy people.

Okay, doing a bookplay is pushing Kelly’s Journey into a ridiculous area I shouldn’t really even be going into. I know I make a big deal of Kelly’s Journey, but a bookplay? Come on. That’s just pushing it. I would be better off saving such a thing for my original stories.

For fun though, let’s pretend that I do seriously make an audiobook/bookplay. I would do the first episode of Kelly’s Journey and do two versions: one with only myself reading the series (with all of my terrible voice acting glory) OR a collaborate with somebody else and have them do some voices and have me do the other ones (and read the series). Depending on feedback, I’ll go with one or the other.

I feel like the bookplay though is too much and gets Kelly’s Journey away from what I want it to be. Even drawing comics for it is getting it too far away, but I can dismiss the comics for practice and fleshing out characters. The bookplay does nothing except potentially open up the series to more people. People I would rather have listen to my original stories when I come out with them.

I primarily want to do the bookplay because Hurricane360 is making me music that I won’t be able to use for anything (not to mention, I want to make music too). I suppose making a “Kelly’s Journey Inspired Soundtrack” would be cool, but is it really worth it? Argh, so much debating about that.

I was considering collaborating with a flash animation for Hurricane360, but I still don’t know what to do. HE wants to animate the entire first episode of Kelly’s Journey, but I say ABSOLUTELY NOT. That pulls the series from FAR away from what I want it to be and the amount of time and work it would take to pull that off would just not be worth it. I really would rather just have some in between episode or something like that.

The bookplay and animation probably wouldn’t be from this year though, just something in the future.

During my writing session of Kelly’s Journey, I plan on watching the first season again. This is partially to brainstorm the episodes for Kelly’s Journey. Well, actually, who am I kidding? It’s ENTIRELY to brainstorm the episodes for Kelly’s Journey. However, along side watching the first season (well first & second – Indigo League saga doesn’t end until the second season), I’m considering watching the episodes in Japanese as well, which will be mostly for my entertainment and to see if anything jumps out at me that’s different from the English version I would rather use.

Um…yeah. I don’t really know how I’m going to do that. I was considering splitting my time up with 3 hours of KJ brainstorming with the English dub on the days I actually write KJ, while on the non-KJ days, I’ll watch the Japanese version for 3 hours. Still haven’t decided if that’s definitely what I want to do or not. Or I could just not do any of that and just watch the English dub when I need to.


Cutting down, the only things I plan on getting done this year:
at least 10 NEW episodes of Kelly’s Journey
Rewrites & fixes of earlier episodes
– Pre-KJ stories (after the earlier episodes are completely written)
the Kelly’s Journey website
Kelly’s Journey in-between episode comics (to start, not necessarily to finish)

The things in bold are the most important.

If things go well, I’ll launch everything in early 2015. So, don’t expect a Kelly’s Journey episode this year. Unless I post episodes 17 and 18, which I would really, really love to do. Episode 19 would be great to start 2015 off with…it’s a three-parter.

Kelly’s Journey fans, your thoughts? If you care?