Gotta Organize ‘Em All

I apologize. I just had to make that title. Pokémon is included in this post, after all. Sure, it doesn’t appear until laterish, but that’s okay.

My DVDs and Blu-Rays, all in alphabetical order, baby!

My DVDs and Blu-Rays, all in alphabetical order, baby!

I knew when I woke up this morning, I had to work on my DVD and Blu-Ray section. I was already making my way over to the DVDs anyway and I couldn’t work on my super awesome Pokémon display until the DVDs/BDs were organized. I figured without the Pokémon DVDs mixed in, I would have much more space. And I was right – my anime DVDs & BDs took up three shelves, my non-anime DVDs & BDs took up about half of one, and my parapara DVDs took up less than half. Yes, I gave my parapara DVDs their own shelf.

Obviously, I started with the anime. It’s my biggest collection and I wanted to keep them separate from the non-anime series. I wasn’t looking forward to the organizing, since I was well aware that my anime list hadn’t been updated for a very long time. I knew there was a ton of anime I was planning to sell on that list. So much so that before I started the organization of the DVDs already on my shelf, I went through the list and deleted a bunch of titles I thought I was selling or knew I was selling. I ended up removing two titles from the list that I wasn’t originally going to sell, but I decided that, hey why not sell them? It’s not like I’m going to enjoy these series ~so much~ that I need to keep them or that it’s gonna hurt me to sell them. I think I had to add a few titles as well, but I currently can’t remember which ones they were. I think one was Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.

I opened my non-anime disc list and found that the list was terribly out of date. I ended up not really caring though, since I don’t really own that many titles in the first place. I just put all the Doctor Who titles in series order, same with Pirates of the Caribbean. Everything else was put in alphabetical order. It was the easier thing to do. It was either use Elegance, my iPad Mini, to put everything onto the list or just organize it myself. I didn’t really feel like using the onscreen keyboard, so using my brain was my only option.

The parapara titles were pretty easy – I more or less put it in order of series I enjoyed and in their numerical order. Or as numerical as I could get it. I hope the Gazen Parapara!! and it’s replacement series whose name is escaping me right now (Chosen? Chozen?) are in the right order.

My terrible job of organizing these games. I hope to fix them in the future.

My terrible job of organizing these games. I hope to fix them in the future.

I looked back and forth between my couch, piled with Pokémon DVDs (and two blu-rays) and the parts of my shelf that still weren’t organized. I had a bunch of video games, mostly DS, on my shelf, along with references books for a few different subjects, some notebooks, and some random Pokémon trinkets. I removed everything from my shelf. I then opened up the two basket drawers in my TV stand, emptied them out (they were already pretty empty to begin with), and piled all my video games in them. Unfortunately, the drawers themselves are rather messy and not my best organization job. I’ll have to try and reorganize them at a later date.

My goal of having a good chunk of my shelving dedicated to Pokémon became kind of troublesome to me to come up with. I didn’t really think I had enough room to do a wonderful Pokémon-dedicated section. I had to ponder for a bit, but came to the conclusion to make room, I needed to put all the novels in a single row, move down all my movies/shows down by one (certainly enough room), and move the Japanese language manga somewhere else. I ended up putting all the Japanese language manga, minus the Pokémon ones, above my DVDs/BDs. Then I went down into the basement to bring up a box of Japanese VHSes for the Pokémon Johto series and some other random items.

Including my limited edition volume 6 of Koisuru Boukun I bought in Japan. Which the cats apparently peed on.

You know, I’m not happy about that.

Not at all.

My limited edition volume 6. Sure, I have the regular edition, but it was ~limited edition~. I can’t get it anymore. Not unless I wanna pay some ridiculous price. I was going to put it on display, but I don’t think I can now unless the yellow on the front and the side of the box it’s in fades.

They also peed on some of the boxes I kept from various different anime series, so those are no good. They also peed on the VHS tapes, but, luckily for me, they were completely covered, so the tapes themselves didn’t get damaged. The images on the VHSes didn’t really get that damaged either, so that’s good. I’m just sad some of the best images I’ve seen for Pokémon got even slightly damaged. There’s this really cute image of Misty jumping after Corsola that I haven’t seen before looking at the VHS cover that has been slightly ruined by cat pee.

I sat down, started streaming Red Dwarf from Netflix, and began to wash the limited edition manga and the Pokémon VHS cases with a Swiffer Sweeper wet sheet. Oh, I had to also wash my Diamond & Pearl Pokédex from Japan as well and spray it with Febreeze to get rid of the cat smell. I just hope the insides aren’t damaged. It took a while to do all this, especially since there were 36 VHS cases to wash. Not fun. Not fun at all. And Red Dwarf only entertained me for so long.

Then we got to the organizing of the Pokémon items. At first, I started putting all the Japanese VHSes the top shelf, but noticed that they weren’t all going to fit in one row and there wasn’t really enough to do two rows or even half of two rows, so I decided to leave four on the same shelf row as my Japanese language manga and first several English language novels and just put the rest of the VHSes on the second row. I set the first four VHSes in this nice little row, where they’re slanted to show a part of the VHS covers. Once I finished that, I put my Taiwanese D&P DVDs in the middle column and did the same thing as those four VHSes at the top. I skipped another shelf and put my Taiwanese Best Wishes! DVDs the same way.

Then I came to the issue of where was I going to put the Pokémon theatrical movies, the non-boxset episode DVDs, and all the English language DVDs for Pokémon. I also needed to leave room for some books and the Pokémon CDs I own. I kind of tried to organize things by series, but that didn’t work too well – Kanto & Johto went together, Hoenn/Battle Frontier & Sinnoh went together, and Unova was just left alone. The mixture of the Japanese and English DVDs together looked strange to me as well.

I ended up letting the Japanese VHSes, the Japanese & Taiwanese DVDs that contained the Japanese episodes, the Japanese movies, the English DVDs, and the manga have their own shelves. I put my original series pocket guides on the same shelf as my Japanese/Taiwanese DVDs, put the giant Pokémon movie book I got for Christmas and the movie soundtracks (Japanese only) on the movie shelf.

My Pokémon shelving (making an unintentional cross shape), surrounded by my other items.

My Pokémon shelving (making an unintentional cross shape), surrounded by my other items.

I begun furnishing the shelves with Pokémon items, namely little figurines, some DS pens from when Diamond and Pearl came out, and the Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova Pokédexes. I have the most recent Johto Pokédex somewhere, as well as the old Kanto one. Those will make it up on the shelf eventually.

I’m still not done with the Pokémon shelf! I need to put up the rest of the CDs (Japanese only) and figure out what other little Pokémon items I want to set up on the shelf. Do I want to take some of the plushies out of my closet? Do I want to leave everything as is? Do I want to put my Pokémon games on the shelf as well (no, probably not – there’s no room)? Do I want to rearrange everything again?

I’ll let you guys know my decisions later. I’ll ponder them for now.

I also, at some point, need to rearrange my computer desk shelving and drawers (minus the office supply drawer) to fit all my books that I plan to use for Japanese or writing reference…TOMORROW.

Let’s hope I can continue working on my room after I type this up, shall we?