Good-bye NaNoWriMo, Hello KJMo!

National Novel Writing Month has officially left as of 12 AM this morning! It is now December 1st – the first day of the Month of KJ. Or what I’ll call it, KJMo (Kelly’s Journey Month). I hope you’ll join me this month for numerous needed updates to previous KJ episodes, hopefully a new one, a load of information about the series!

Have fun watching the updates come!

Also, on the status of Love Me Softly, I’ll post about it in between KJ if I have any updates on it.

The first thing up for the month of KJ includes none other than a history lesson if Kelly’s Journey.

I hope you’ll join me for that post! Even if it ends up insanely long.


Now, I’m off to go get some sleep because I’m tired from work and my body horribly aches. So expect the article sometime later tonight. Bye!